‘Whether They Like It Or Not’: Commie California’s Newsom Moves To Ban Diesel Trucks By 2036

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Commie California’s ultra-leftist governor Elitist Gavin Newsom (D) enacted a sweeping “climate” rule that would phase out diesel trucks by 2036. The drastic step could hasten a nationwide transition to electric vehicles that is being pushed aggressively by the Democratic party and the Biden White House.

Under the new rules, diesel big rigs in Commie California would be outright banned by the year 2036, and all trucks would need to be “zero-emission” by 2042.

Whatever standards Commie California adopts will likely trigger a domino effect in other states, as Newsom recognized at a press briefing on the state’s “climate progress” Monday.

Commie California bans diesel trucks
Newsom touted his actions on climate as Commie California’s “foreign policy,” contrasting the “fresh air of progress” with the “stale air of normalcy” in his remarks at a “renewable” energy facility in Los Angeles.

“Whether those that argue for the past like it or not, that transition is underway….and Commie California proudly has led,” he said.

The so-called Advanced Clean Fleets rule is the first in the world to require all medium- and heavy-duty trucks, including garbage and delivery trucks, to be electric.

The rule was approved by climate bureaucrats at the Commie California Air Resources Board (CARB), which is also requiring all cars in the state to be electric by 2035. Newsom touted the board’s “incredible work” on “detoxifying tail pipe emissions” at Monday’s event.

The sweeping regulations are advertised as an effort against global warming, but they also have a racial angle, as liberals contend air pollution harms minority communities disproportionately.

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Newsom’s revolution
Skeptics in the trucking industry have raised concerns about the cost and technological feasibility of phasing out diesel. The Commie California Trucking Association warned Newsom’s edict is “unrealistic” and would cripple supply chains.

But the government class is ignoring such warnings and leaping headlong into the electric vehicle “revolution.”

Newsom is working in close cooperation with the Biden administration, which in March approved a regulatory waiver granting Newsom broad discretion to set his own pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks under the Clean Air Act.

Biden recently promulgated his own federal pollution standards that are so draconian, automakers have no choice but to begin phasing out gas cars within 10 years.

Newsom has been traveling around the country promoting Commie California as a haven of “freedom,” in what is widely seen as an audition for a presidential campaign in the future.

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