JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 13, 2023

The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website restoredrepublic co judy note the biggest takeaway from Trump’s recent town hall meeting on CNN could have been that trump continued to refuse to say anything positive about Ukraine, refused to denounce Russia and repeatedly declared he would solve the war in 24 hours. Why?

Because Trump has no assets in Ukraine to cover up. Biden does a 200 acre property underneath of which was an underground tunnel used for child trafficking. Judy Note this article was written in January 2021 when Biden was arrested by the White Hat Alliance for child Trafficking right before his fake inauguration. He has been played by an actor ever since biden Arrested SCOTUS Roberts caught CIA Child Trafficking gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed thursday, 11 May white hats and gray hats take out the popcorn because we’re going to see a movie and everything is going as planned. Thursday, 11 May breaking The House Oversight Committee will present bank records today indicating that Vice President Joe Biden, while serving in office, received a $1 million bribe from Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel Papovichu.

Thursday, 11 May RV GCR nine nations US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, UK, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand are insolvent and cannot continue without the RV GCR. Thursday, 11 May arrest wars of the Deep State Military Coups wednesday, 10 May military is the only way Mexican cartels began terrorist attacks on US soil being guided by the CIA and Obama regimen. Biden. Four organizations, all founded in 1913. Fed?

Federal reserve? FBI? Federal bureau of investigation? IRS? Internal revenue service?

ADL AntiDefamation league. A global currency reset advised by a top platform. That all. Global currency reset started Tuesday evening, 9 May. From Asia.

Email from a private banker. Thursday, 11 May. Bruce? Saturday morning, 13 may. Tier Four B could possibly receive notifications with exchanges likely starting on Monday, 15 May.

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The international Iraqi denar rate would be released Saturday evening, Iraq time, which would make it mid morning ESD. Saturday, 13 May redemption center staff were going in on Saturday 13 May to set appointments. Iraq is supposed to put out a new rates and it’s actually the current rates are on the bank screen. From what I understand, it Redemption Center screens, they’ve already got it. A new rate is supposed to populate on the screens either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I believe.

A new Iraqi Dinar rate. So it’s all good and it looks like they’ve got everything ready to go. At least that’s what we’re hearing from several sources that we’re ready to rock and roll on Saturday with notifications. So let’s see what happens. Let’s watch it for the weekend.
We should have a really wonderful Mother’s Day, a really wonderful weekend. Thursday, 11 May marks most of my Iraqi contacts think it RV will go sometime over this weekend or early next week. There certainly is a lot of chatter that things will kick off in the next day or two. The Emergency Broadcast System disclosure was expected at any time, with all stock markets crashing and shut down for two to ten plus days, after which deer four b and a few days later the general public to obtain notification, to call an 800 hash of a nearby redemption center and set appointments to redeem Zim and or exchange currencies. David XRP on the Charlie Ward Show dr.

Ward, who was head of the Global Currency Reset Redemption Committee and under several NDAs, agreed with what David XRP had to say a total banking collapse has already started. A lot of banks around the world are insolvent over 4800 in America. Remember, the QFs quantum financial System will step in and save the banking industry. We will get away from banks in three to five years. The QFs is all that is needed.

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Dinar, detectives, candy kisses. The largest borrower from the IMF is at risk of bankruptcy. Argentina is struggling in its battle to prevent its currency from collapsing and the central bank from going bankrupt, according to some estimates. According to Bloomberg. See?

Timeline. Monday, 8 May China disclosed the global currency reset by announcing their gold slash asset backed currency, and Zimbabwe came out with a gold backed currency. Wednesday, 10 May Zimbabwe GoldCoin went international with Bitcoin already down. Cryptocurrency was set to crash as twelve wallets would declare bankruptcy. US, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan were insolvent and could not continue international trade without a global currency reset.

RV GCR. Nine nations US. Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, UK, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand are insolvent and cannot continue without the RV GCR. May 14 Queue’s timeline 30 days from Mother’s Day june 13 to Moab attack the King and Queen. May 20 was the back wall for tier four B to receive notification on May 21 at 06:00 P.m.

Estate livestream on. It news 121 Telegram with JFK Jr. Elvis Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Steve Jobs with detailed info on all coming events. May 23 JFK Jr interview with Own in June, a total stock market crash was expected if it hadn’t already. June 13 Moab Attack Q june 16 was the back wall for Jazzara to be announced and implemented with full collapse of IRS and all tax orgs.

June 18 was a backwall for EBS disclosure implementation. July 23 was set to be the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his VP JFK Jr. A celebration with all in the world Protection Program coming out on July 25. Queen Diana’s coronation was expected.

D international Child trafficking organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring run by cartels out of the Vatican child trafficking caught in broad daylight e COVID ebola slash Swine flu slash polio smallpox BSE zika SAR monkey pox AIDS vacci the fake Spanish Flu pandemic from 1918 was the Rockefeller family’s first experimental biovaccines. The people who did not take the biovaccines survived. They called it the Spanish flu because Spain was neutral in World War I. The Spanish Flu started in America. More than a hundred years later, we the people are witnessing the biggest medical fraud of the century.

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Another cancer cure hidden in 1996, a man cured his daughter’s cancer, but she still died from the chemo. Pfizer has admitted shredding a document stating they were concerned about exposure. F the real news for Friday, May 12, 2023 press conference out of Japan investigation into vaccine harms. Huge number of reports have been released. If Health Ministry refused to acknowledge, we will file lawsuits.

John Kennedy mercilessly grills DEA administrator. Why don’t you do that? Just in ted Cruz openly explodes on his Dem colleagues for biden’s so amazingly unqualified noms Josh Hawley accuses Democrats of threatening the security of Supreme Court justices toos. 11, May Fox Jesse Waters Trump on CNN. Jesse Waters Primetime may 11, 2023 Full HD Breaking Fox News May 11, 2023 just in kennedy’s bill to enhance drug dealers punishments is blocked by Booker.

Then Kennedy reacts. Jag sentences space Force Commander Chance Saltzman to death for treason. CIA involved in JFK assassination? According to JFK Jr. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website Restoredrepublic Co.

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