Colombia Jungle Plane Crash: Search intensifies for two missing children after mother found dead on board

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An intensive search for four children who have been missing since their plane crashed in a jungle in Colombia is still ongoing. The mother of the children has been found dead along with several others who were on the plane during the crash, which happened over two weeks back. Authorities have come to believe that the children have been wandering in the rainforest since the crash.

The children are reportedly in the age range of 11 months to 13 years. The pilot, co-pilot, and the mother of the children died in the Colombian plane crash. On Wednesday, Colombian President Gustavo Petro allegedly posted a tweet claiming that the children were found. However, he later deleted the tweet stating that no confirmation has been received from the ICBF.

Sniffer dogs had also been deployed to look for the missing children in the forest. The dogs further came across items like a pair of scissors, a child’s drinking bottle, and a half-eaten fruit. Authorities looking for the children also found a shelter made from branches and leaves.

Weeks have passed since the horrific plane crash in the Colombia forest, but the four children are yet to be found

The horrific crash took place on May 1 in a thick jungle in Colombia. The victims who died included the pilot, a co-pilot, and a female. The woman’s four children are, however, missing since the crash. The kids are reportedly 11 months, 13 years, 9 years, and 4 years.

A ray of hope arrived when President Gustavo Petro tweeted that the children have been found. However, he deleted the tweet shortly after uploading it and stated that the discovery is yet to be confirmed. He further wrote:

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“I have decided to delete the tweet because it hasn’t been possible to confirm the information provided by the (child welfare agency). I’m sorry it happened. At this time there’s no other priority other than moving forward with the search until you find them. The children’s lives are the most important.”

“We think that the children who were aboard the plane are alive. We have found traces at a different location, away from the crash site, and a place where they may have sheltered.”
Several people reported seeing the children on Wednesday. A local plane operator named Avianline, which owned the crashed plane, claimed that they possess reports of the children being found. However, the company also stated that they couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the report.

The plane that crashed in the forest in Colombia was a Cessna 206 and was carrying seven individuals on a route between Araracuara and San Jose del Guaviare.

Tragically, the plane had an engine failure and crashed on May 1, 2023. While the three adults died in the crash, the four children seem to have disappeared. Helicopters and airplanes from both Colombia’s air force and army have been involved in the search procedure.

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