Tiffany Vitek Death: What Happened To The Resident Of Illinois?

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Ryan McKnight Death, Who Is Ryan McKnight And What Happened To Him?

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Corey Wert Death: What Happened To The Midd-West School District Teacher?

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Elizabeth Grewell Death: What Happened To The Resident Of Peoria Arizona?

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Binghamton University Student Dies On Campus: How This Happened?

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Woman Dies In Hotel Room After Making This Fatal Mistake

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SNIFFER IN CHIEF: Joe Biden Sniffs Baby At White House Halloween Party! (VIDEO)

On Monday, President Joe Biden, accompanied by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, welcomed local public school students and children connected to the military for a Halloween celebration held at the South Portico of the White House. Key Points: White House’s South Portico becomes the venue for Halloween celebration. Dr. Jill dresses inspired by her cat, … Read more

WEF Professor Who Supported Lockdowns Begs Public for Forgiveness: “What We Did Was Evil”

World Economic Forum professor Scott Galloway, who ordered government’s to implement strict lockdown measures during the pandemic, has pleaded with the public for “forgiveness” and admitted that the draconian rules were “evil and unnecessary.” The WEF-funded NYU professor confessed his sins during a Bill Maher panel discussion where he admitted he was “wrong” for siding with … Read more

Zelensky Staffer Admits Gov’t Officials ‘Stealing Like No Tomorrow’ As Biden Demands Billions More Aid

A top advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has admitted that corruption is so rampant in the former Soviet state that government officials are enriching themselves by stealing US taxpayer aid money “like there’s no tomorrow.” Speaking anonymously to Time magazine, the top presidential advisor to Zelensky said that the Zelenksy government’s efforts to stamp out corruption have failed miserably, … Read more

Biden Signs Executive Order Forcing Big Tech to Program Marxist Ideology into AI

Democrat President Joe Biden signed an executive order Monday that forces Big Tech companies developing artificial intelligence (AI) to program radical Marxist ideology into their products. The White House announced the order earlier this week, claiming it seeks to regulate the emerging AI industry. However, buried in the fine print of Biden’s executive order is … Read more