Randy Barkwill Passed Away: What Was Randy Barkwill’s Death Cause?

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Who Is Ken Squier? Ken Squier Cause Of Death Explained

Everyone is mourning Ken Squier’s death and all are very sad and shocked at this time. His death has showcased the shockwaves. Ken passed away on 15 November 2023. This is a very sad and shocking news for everyone. Ken Squier was an American sportscaster and motorsports editor from Waterbury, Vermont. He had a good … Read more

Elder Joe Ingram Car Accident: Coordinator Of International COGIC Dies

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Chicago Declared ‘Worse Than Venezuela’ As Migrants Flee Back To Home Countries

Democrat-run Chicago has been declared one of the world’s worst slums, with conditions worse than the countries from which most of the migrants in the US originally came from. It’s true that Chicago has a shockingly high crime rate, far worse than most Third World nations. But in what has to be a crowning insult, … Read more

Outrage Over Target’s Trans Nutcracker & Disabled Black Santa Christmas Decorations

Target has sparked outrage over its ‘woke’ Christmas ornaments. Internet users mocked the retail chain this week for selling Christmas decorations like a nutcracker holding a trans flag and wearing a rainbow flag hat and a black Santa Claus sitting in a wheelchair. It seems that Target is still pushing the LGBT agenda despite seeing … Read more

Judge Joe Brown Urges Voters To Quit the Democratic Party: “They’re Grooming Our Children!”

Judge Joe Brown has announced that he has ditched the Democratic Party and has urged the public to follow in his footsteps. During a recent appearance on the PBD podcast, Brown warned that the Democratic Party has now become the anti-family, pro-pedophilia party. He warned that Democrats represent a threat to the future of civilisation … Read more

Canada Now Euthanises THOUSANDS of Citizens Every Month

Canada’s radical euthanasia laws are now seeing over a thousand people being killed by the government every single month. And this figure it set to quadruple in the coming months. According to Health Canada’s most recent report on government-authorized suicide, euthanasia now makes up 4.1% of deaths in Canada. The figure is a disturbing increase … Read more

WARNING: Schizophrenia and Suicide Have EXPLODED Since mRNA Jabs Were Rolled Out

The number of people suffering from serious psychiatric problems, including schizophrenia and suicide ideation, has exploded since the jab rollout, according to disturbing new data released by the CDC. Since the rollout of the toxic mRNA vaccines, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has documented over 9,400 cases of anxiety, 1,600 cases of depression, 975 cases of … Read more

Nikki Haley Vows To Ban Anonymous Social Media Posts Because They’re A ‘National Security Threat’

Presidential contender Nikki Haley has come under fire after claiming that anonymous posts on social media pose a threat to “national security“ and saying she plans to force ALL social media users to be “verified by their name“. Haley made her remarks on Fox News while pushing for mandatory social media verification She claimed her draconian … Read more

Klaus Schwab Brags WEF Has ‘Infiltrated’ Every MSM Outlet In The World

Mainstream media journalists are “intellectual prostitutes” who are as easily bent over as Poland in World War 2, according to World Economic Forum co-founder Klaus Schwab, whose off-colour remarks shared by a WEF insider reveal the extent of globalist control over the mainstream media in the United States, Europe and the western world. According to Schwab, the … Read more