Millions of Women Desperately Seeking Unvaxxed Sperm As Demand Skyrockets

Millions of women around the globe are now looking for unvaccinated men to become pregnant, as demand for unvaxxed sperm donations reaches an all-time high. Jonathan David Rinaldi, also known as “The Sperminator,” was a longtime donor for America’s biggest sperm donation group called Sperm Donation USA, according to the Daily Mail. He later elected to … Read more

Democrats Claim Black Voters Are ‘Too Traumatized by Slavery’ To Understand Politics

Democrats have declared that the majority of black voters in America are “too dumb” to participate in politics due to the fact that they are still traumatised by slavery. On a recent CNN’s State of The Union episode, Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crocket made the outlandish claim that black voters are “too dumb” to fully understand … Read more

WEF Professor Says Parents Will Soon Need a ‘License’ To Raise Their Own Children

A World Economic Forum professor has declared that parents will soon need to obtain a license from the government in order to raise their own children. According to Connor Kianpour from the WEF-funded University of Colorado Boulder, parents will need to prove that they accept the pro-pedophilia and transgender agenda by the elite before being granted … Read more