British Royalty Dined On Human Flesh & Blood

British royals, well known for their love of lavish banquets and rich food also had a taste for human flesh, according to a book on medicinal cannibalism. The book claims that royalty swallowed parts of the human body, including its flesh, blood and bones, as medicine right up until the end of the 18th century The author … Read more

CNN Producer Quietly Settles Lawsuit With 9-Year-Old He Raped

A disgraced CNN producer who was convicted for raping a 9-year-old child has quietly settled a lawsuit against him brought on behalf of the child. The pedophile producer, John Griffin, induced the child’s mother to bring the child to his home for $3,500 so that he could repeatedly rape her. Griffin made the girl “perform lewd s*x … Read more

Military Official Blows Whistle: ‘Big Banks About To Collapse – 2024 Election Will Be Cancelled’

A U.S. military official has blown the whistle on how banks across America are about to close down and the 2024 Presidential election is going to be cancelled. According to Col. Douglas MacGregor, there is about to be a “sudden” closure of all major banks in the U.S. which will last for up to 3 … Read more

NBC News Admits Obama Is ‘Shadow President’ Serving His ‘Third Term’

NBC News has admitted that Barack Obama has been secretly operating as America’s ‘shadow President’ for the last three years, illegally serving a third term in the White House. According to an explosive report, Obama has been secretly overseeing the Biden administration, heightening concerns the ex-President is actually the secret commander-in-chief with his former VP at … Read more

Australian Gov’t Official Blows Whistle: ‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago’

A senior Australian government official has blown the whistle on how the global elites planned the COVID pandemic decades in advance. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts revealed that globalists worked with world leaders to plot the pandemic in order to advance their Great Reset agenda for humanity. According to Roberts, sacrificing millions of people around the … Read more

WEF Insiders Jump Ship As Prosecutors Prepare Nuremberg 2.0 Trials

Two years ago, Klaus Schwab openly bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders were on track to have total control over the human race by the year 2030. Unfortunately for Schwab and his dystopian vision of microchips, open air prisons, and reduced populations, the last two years have not gone to plan. … Read more

Rep. James Comer Says The Bidens Will Be Subpoenaed In A Matter Of Days

Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Rep, James Comer has made an regarding the investigation into Joe Biden’s shady financial dealings. During a recemt interview with Lou Dobbs on The Great America Show, the Kentucky rep said ‘it’s a matter of days’ before the Bidens’ are served as he is nearing a subpoena … Read more

Scientists Discover ‘World’s Oldest’ Pyramid In Indonesia

A massive underground pyramid hidden beneath a hillside in Indonesia far outdates Stonehenge or the Giza Pyramids and may come to rival the oldest megalithic structures ever built by humans. Archeologists believe the Gunung Padang pyramid in West Java to be over 16,000 years old. The pyramid, a 98-ft-deep ‘megalith’ submerged within a hill of … Read more

BREAKING: Matthew Perry’s Death Vaccine-Related After Autopsy!

Key Points: Actor Matthew Perry found deceased, with drug overdose ruled out. Speculation arises linking his death to adverse vaccine reactions. No confirmed number of Perry’s COVID-19 vaccinations reported. Matthew Perry, famed for his role in “Friends”, was recently discovered deceased in his hot tub following an afternoon of pickleball, a physically engaging sport akin … Read more

Video: Male High School Field Hockey Player Firing A Shot In What’s Supposed To Be An ALL GIRLS Game – What Happens Next Is Just Insane

A male player who identifies as a female reportedly knocks out the teeth of a female player at an all girls field hockey high school game in Swampscott, MA. The poor girl reacts with repeated screams as her shocked teammates are unable to look on. He scored both goals, which is why they won. I … Read more