JAG Indicts Jenna Ellis

The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has indicted former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis on charges of treason and aiding and abetting the enemy, a JAG source told Real Raw News. The formal accusation against Ellis comes after she betrayed her former employer, President Donald J. Trump, by flipping on him and striking a … Read more

YouTube: ‘99.9% of Independent Media Has Been Successfully Purged From Our Platform’

YouTube has boasted that it has successfully purged 99.9% of all independent creators from the platform and is now boosting mainstream-approved and “official sources” exclusively. According to Google’s “chief clinical officer” Michael Howell, YouTube will now only serve users content from legacy media and corporate-backed creators. Reclaimthenet.org reports: Howell, naturally, sees nothing wrong with this and even, … Read more

John Podesta’s Friend, Who ‘Debunked’ Pizzagate, Arrested for Raping Toddlers

A mainstream journalist and close friend of John Podesta, who bragged about ‘debunking’ Pizzagate, has been arrested on a sickening slew of child rape charges. Slade Sohmer, editor-in-chief at The Recount and friend of former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, was arrested last month for raping multiple toddlers and babies. For those who missed the … Read more

Will Transhumanism Be The End Game For Humanity As We Know It?

Tranhumanism is the transitional stage towards a world without humanity as we know it according to entrepreneur and artist Laura Aboli In a powerful speech which is going viral on social media, Aboli explains the nefarious purpose of the transgender movement. Aboli says it is an evil psy-op with a clear agenda bringing us closer to … Read more

Report: US Troops Sent To Help Secure Israel’s Top Secret Nuclear Facilities

US troops have been dispatched to help secure Israel’s highly sensitive nuclear facilities, including the top secret site at Dimona according to reports. The Dimona facility has long been suspected to be the birthplace of Israel’s nuclear weapons program Tel Aviv neither refuses to confirm orr deny its nuclear weapons status and instead sticks to … Read more

Thousands Of Quakes Hit Iceland Overnight

Iceland remains under a state of emergency amid a series of daily earthquakes that are prompting fears of volcanic eruption. More than 1,500 earthquakes have hit since early Tuesday with officials warning that a volcanic eruption remains imminent. The 1,500 earthquakes that struck on Tuesday and Wednesday were preceded by 900 earthquakes on Monday. Sputnik reports: Researchers have … Read more

Raytheon Whistleblower: Directed Energy Weapons That Can Cause Earthquakes Hidden In Antarctica

Former Raytheon employee and whistleblower Eric Hecker has claimed that the US has developed highly advanced technology that is capable of causing earthquakes. Hecker recently joined Patrick Bet-David on podcast to warn the world about the military-industrial complex secrets that are hidden in the South Pole. He started the interview by describing his background and … Read more

Raytheon Whistleblower: U.S. Gov’t Have Directed Energy Weapons Capable of Causing Mega-Earthquakes

A former Raytheon employee has blown the whistle about how Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are being used by the U.S. government to create ‘natural disasters’ around the globe. Former Raytheon employee turned whistleblower Eric Hecker made the bombshell revelations during an appearance on the Patrick Bet-David podcast earlier this week. Hecker started the interview by … Read more

Video Reveals 350K Votes ‘Disappeared’ For GOP Candidate in PA Supreme Court Election

350,000 votes for the Republican candidate in the 2023 election for Pennsylvania Supreme Court were removed “without reason” according to a bombshell video released by Audit the Vote PA. The election in question was decided by 200,000 votes, however a total of 350,000 in-person votes for the Republican candidate disappeared without any explanation from the officials. Have … Read more