CNN Admits Most Americans Now ‘Hate Joe Biden’

CNN has admitted that the majority of Americans now loathe President Joe Biden due to the negative effect his administration has had on the economy and security of the U.S.

A new CNN poll released on Tuesday revealed a 61 percent disapproval rating, leading CNN political director David Chalian to admit “the nation has soured” on Biden. reports: The poll also found that almost three quarters of Americans see things going badly in the U.S.

The poll also found that just 25% believe Biden has the “stamina” and “sharpness to serve effectively” as president.

The poll also found that 10 percent more Republicans than Democrats are “extremely motivated” to vote in 2024, leading CNN to conclude that the GOP has the “enthusiasm advantage.”

Biden’s numbers are woeful compared to past presidents. At this point in their respective first terms, Nixon had a 10% higher approval rating than Biden, Clinton had a 13% higher approval rating, George W. Bush’s approval rating was 15% higher, and George H. W. Bush had a 20% higher approval rating in 1991 before LOSING the 1992 election.

“Biden’s down there between Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter. You may know, that is down in the category of one-term presidents,” said Chalian, adding “He clearly wants to turn that around and he’s got a year to do so.”