Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Novembar 22, 2023

GCR Update

Judy Note, our world is changing this week. Shocking Intel, S. G. Anon, Charlie Ward, banks across the world were failing this week. The US dollar was failing this week. The world financial markets were erupting this week. Mass arrests were happening this week. Gaza and Israel underground tunnels that house the largest child sex trafficking in the world were being taken down this week.

Global currency reset this week. Activation of the EBS this week. A possible timeline of global currency reset. Restored Republic. Friday 17th of November, midnight, Green Light turned on for global currency reset. Sunday 19th of November. The global currency reset and global financial system ISO 20022 went live at 3:00 PM, E-S-T. As of Monday 20th of November, because of the global currency reset, US government bonds were now worthless. The Federal Reserve literally had no monies and any bank not ISO 20022 compliant was out of business.

Tools, Wednesday 21st of November. Wednesday 22nd of November. Begin project, Oden, Starlink EBS X, new financial system, 10-day movie. Wednesday 22nd of November, new currency rates effective, EBS active, EBS November 22nd. Thursday 23rd of November, World War III start, Russia invades Germany, Trump return. Friday first of December, end of currency exchanges, Zem Redemption at Redemption centers. On Monday first of January, all gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe would be on par one to one with each other in the US,

Social Security benefits will be much higher in the sSR and R payments would start on a monthly basis. In 3-6 months, the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer universal basic income for citizens of Al Jizarra compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can. B Global Currency Reset. Monday, 20th of November TNT. The three letter agencies got the green light but don’t know when the RV is going to go. The banks were told it will still happen before the end of the month.

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Monday 20th of November marks City Group begins layoffs as Wall Street prices for rough end of 2023. Imf releases digital currency handbook for world’s central banks, which was talking about blockchain and asset-backed currency that moved the world away from depending on the US dollar. They have a handbook for countries to create their own sovereign digital currency. This is the IMF throwing the US under the bus, showing the world how they can do dollarize. This piece is huge. The financial markets around the world should be erupting.

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Right now, Forbes, the US dollar collapse acceleration 33.7 trillion shock fed inflation warning and makes the bullish case for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and crypto price surge. These are alternatives to the US dollar. Write out loud they say the dollar is collapsing and it’s accelerating. Russia and China to dollarization is almost complete. About 95% of trades is now settled in their national currencies. Egypt and India abandoned the dollar completely. Sri Lanka Central Bank to move to a floating rate and foreign reserve collection report. This means they are unpegging. They are ready for the markets to decide their value.

Member, Argentina just eliminated income tax. Sunday 19th of November. Captain Marvel Jr. On Telegram, got intel today. Everything everywhere all at once, although no date was given, but it is believed to be within a window of 72 hours to 96 hours. Saturday 18th of November. Texas Snake. I was included on an international call from several countries all over the world, including US cities of NYC, Reno, Miami, plus Zurich, Hong Kong, and Iraq. All the money reorganization to be introduced to the citizens this week and the CBI wanted this nation to announce our new currency in conjunction with them.

But if not, then the CBI and Iraq would RV on their own. Announcement dates are Tuesday 21st of November, with effective date to be Wednesday 22nd of November of this coming week. Per several on-the-call all requirements such as 4X have been satisfied. Remember, I am just a messenger, but they sounded very confident of this info. Monday, 20th of November, gold is the ultimate safe haven. Dutch Central Bank admits it has prepared for a new gold standard. Monday, 20th of November, Mastering the Quantum Financial System, your ultimate guide to transferring funds and opening a QFS account.

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See Global Financial Crisis. Monday, 20th of November, boom. The Financial Storm, US government bonds. Apple Hedge Fund, and the fall of Walmart. Monday, 20th of November, Moody’s downgrades J. P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Us banking giants face bleak outlook. What if Bricks stops using US dollar? Us DOJ freezes 225 million in stolen US dealing to International Crime syndicate. Archbishop Vagano, the Wef is threatening the heads of government of the 20 most industrialized nations in the world to carry out the Great Reset. It is a global coup d’etat, against which it is essential that people rise up.

Those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia. Bayer Stocks Drop and won’t survive. J. P. Morgan, the man who owned America. D. Restored Republics, sequel to the fall of the cabal. Part 27, the World Economic Forum. The end of Homo sapiens. E. Breaking news. Monday, November 20th, 2023. Vancouver. Thirty-six top officials convicted of killing indigenous activists and criminally assaulting Kevin Annette. The court verdict empowers citizens to make arrests, seize assets of 36 offenders,

including Charles Winsor, Jorge Berggolio, and Jean Cratea. International warrants issued today, Monday, 20th of November, 36 top Canadian politicians, judges, and church officials have been found guilty today of perpetrating genocide in Canada, trafficking children, and murdering at least seven people. After a six-week trial in Vancouver, the 36 offenders were convicted by the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice and were sentenced to jail terms ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment. The sentenced defenders include Charles Windsor,

King of England, Jorge Berghulio, Pope Francis, and former Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Crétya. The offenders were also stripped of their offices and assets and ordered to pay reparations to their victims and their families totaling over $40 million. See the verdicts and sentences on the attached PDF and at summary judgment of the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice, November 20th 2023, murder by decree. International arrest warrants against those convicted were issued today by the court in conjunction with Interpol and international jurists.

The trial of the defendants began in Vancouver on September 29th after they were publicly indicted for complicity and murder, criminal conspiracy and assault, and the trafficking and killing of children. The court prosecutor charged the accused with the murder of Vancouver Indigenous activists Harriet Nahani, William Coombs, Ricky Lavelay, and Johnny Dawson, of Port Alburny residents Mark Angus, Krista Lynn, and John Sargent. The prosecutor also charged the accused with participating in an ongoing criminal conspiracy and assault against Kevin Annette to obstruct justice, enable and conceal genocide, and further their criminal deeds.

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During the six-week trial, none of the defendants contested, challenged, or refuted the evidence brought against them. Three of the accused pleaded not guilty to the court but did not defend themselves. As a tribunal of withstanding under international law, the verdicts of the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice are universally enforceable and can be acted on by other courts and nations. Its verdicts also empower citizens to arrest the convicted offenders and seize their assets. A complete list of the convicted offenders and their sentences is contained in the attached summary of judgment. Summary judgment of the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice, November 20th, 2023,

murder by decree. Issued by the Public Information Office of the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice, Monday, November 20th 2023, in the city of Vancouver. F, the real news for Monday, November 20th 2023. Monday, 20th of November from different parts of the world. The same intel is dropping. The Causarean Mafias Global Scheme. A centuries-old plan foiled. Monday 20th of November, breaking news, unveiling the disturbing events at the Capitol, false flags and the power of deception. A closer look at November 19th, 2023.

Monday 20th of November, January sixth, the lie, and they knew it all along. Ask yourselves why hasn’t the American media not once reported on all the Indian troops and Indian Special Forces being trained in Alaska. Over the past four years, all of a sudden, Indian cities with Tartarian past are covered into cloaking smug as loud music and fireworks are covering up subterrainian operations all over India, just like we do in the United States, Canada, Europe, Ukraine, and Israel. Monday.