FBI Robot Dog Attacks Marines

On May 6, four Marine Corps guards at Camp Pendleton spotted a bizarre prowler skulking near one of the White Hat installation’s security gates, all of which were fortified in January after Marines had a standoff with criminal FBI agents. This time, though, the nocturnal visitor was not human. At 2:45 a.m., a Marine sentry alerted his fellow Leathernecks to the presence of a robotic dog standing beneath a streetlamp 15 yards south of San Lois Ray Gate on Vandegrift Boulevard.

A Pendleton source told Real Raw News that the mechanical hound had a shoulder height of 30 inches—about the size of an adult German Shepherd—and a sinuous appendage extending a few feet from a stainless-steel neck joint.

“Marines saw it for several minutes at a distance. So, at first, we thought it was a prank. Too many rich kids around here can dump ten grand on those types of toys. We took pictures and we right off compared them to what’s for sale out there. It wasn’t a toy, and it was larger and seemed more sophisticated than law enforcement robots. We were watching it, and it was watching us,” our source said.

The Marines, he added, wanted to engage the robot, but their request was denied.

“It wasn’t on post, and it wasn’t trying to hide. It was standing in a cone of light conspicuously. It didn’t look armed but we’ve been attacked before, and, hell, for all we know, it could have been packed with explosives. It was a taunt, but we assumed it was packing something besides a camera,” our source said.

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He said two explosive ordnance disposal technicians suited up in case they had to disarm a suicide drone. But the monstrosity had fled by the time they arrived at the gate. The robot had not lumbered away; instead, it sprinted at speeds as fast as 25mph, the Marines estimated.

They searched the immediate vicinity around Vandegrift Blvd. and connecting side streets, but the intruder had vanished.

Only to return more boldly the following day.

This time, it had a belt-fed ARES-16 rifle affixed to its alloy back and approached within 10 yards of the Marine sentries. It lowered its mechanical haunches and fired a burst of ammo in the air, prompting a Marine corporal to return fire, as was permissible per rules of engagement, even though the bullets zinged far above his head. His rounds, however, ricocheted off the steel canine. It ceased fire and, as it had the night earlier, bolted off in the darkness.

“That thing could’ve unloaded on Marines. We call ourselves Devil Dogs, but this was a real Devil dog. After night two, we figured it might come back again, and so we took some precautions,” our source said.

The next night, two Marine reconnaissance platoons fanned across a long stretch of Vandergrift Blvd. and several intersecting roads. At 2:15 a.m., a recon squad spotted an unmarked black van stop on the shoulder of Papagallo Drive, less than 1000’ from the gate. The rear doors opened, and a collapsible ramp extended from the tailgate to the pavement.

Locked and loaded, Marines emerged from the shadows on either side of the road and surrounded the van before the occupants could deploy the robot.

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“The robot dog was in the van with three male occupants,” our source said. “They all threw up their hands and surrendered. They carried no I.D. but oddly admitted they were FBI agents sent to gather intelligence, and, you know, we could confirm their identities. But a lot doesn’t add up.”

He added that the Deep State didn’t need to position FBI agents with a hand-held remote control so near the base because it has access to GPS satellites and the robot’s lead-acid battery—required to power the 800lbs. creature and manipulate points of articulation—could run six hours between recharges.

“If they wanted to, they could’ve parked 20 miles away, since that damn thing runs like a charging grizzly bear,” he said. “We think ulterior things might be going on here.”

Camp Pendleton leadership, he added, thinks the feds wanted to be caught.

“We are interrogating them and will get to the bottom of this,” our source said in closing.

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