Trump lawyers meet with DOJ after ex-president slams indictment speculation

Lawyers for Donald Trump met Monday morning with Department of Justice officials, a day after the former president noted speculation that special counsel Jack Smith is moving closer to seeking an indictment of him. NBC News confirmed Trump lawyers on Monday met with officials at the DOJ headquarters in Washington, D.C., after CBS News tweeted a photo of three attorneys walking in to the … Read more

Who was Maureen Werner? 49- years-old Bicyclist Killed Highland Park

Usually, death news is sad to hear but when it is related to a person who already dedicated her life in order to serve society, then it becomes sad. One such community is currently grieving the demise of a person who lost her life during a hit-and-run incident. Such cases are constantly increasing and look … Read more

The Summit Finale: Who Won The Summit Australia 2023 Finale?

The final episode of any reality show is exciting as well as the saddest one. The audience gets attached to the show and when it comes to an end they get sad but on the same side, they also get excited to know the name of the winner. “The Summit” is one such Australian reality … Read more

Georgia Southern QB Arrested for Throwing Bird Poop

It has been a couple of years since Georgia Southern University’s quarterback was arrested but this incident continues to make headlines and buzz on social media. Numerous people have been left curious to know why Georgia Southern University Quarterback was arrested. In this article, we will unfold the details regarding the charges against Georgia Southern … Read more

James White Arrested? Who Is James White? Man United Fan Arrested for ‘wore vile shirt mocking Hillsborough victims’

During the final game of the FA Cup final which was being played between Man United and Manchester United, a fan was arguably arrested. The arrest of the Man United fan has caused a stir on the internet. As a result, the Football Association issued a statement to condemn the action of the man who … Read more


Since the morning of June 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been carrying out attempts to advance in the Zaporozhye sector. According to reports, the largest attack started in the area of Vremievsky ledge and involved a notable number of infantry supported by battle tanks and other heavy military equipment. Clashes broke out in … Read more

Is Kaitlyn Marsh Arrested? What Did She Do And Where Is She Now?

For the past few hours, the arrest news of Kaitlyn Marsh has been making a significant noise on the internet. Netizens have been thrown into a frenzy to know what did Kaitlyn Marsh do and where is she now. According to the reports, Kaitlyn Marsh is a notorious nuisance neighbor who was reportedly terrorizing her … Read more

Who was Patrick Funderburk? 52-year-old Man Body Found Lake Lyman SC

The discovery of a body in a lake can be a haunting and tragic event for many people. This recent incident in South Carolina has left authorities with many questions. The identity of the deceased has been confirmed, but the cause and manner of death remain unknown. The incident has attracted international media and general … Read more

Dylan Brown charged with sexual touching after pub incident

Indecent assault incidents are becoming more widespread in today’s world, and the incident that took place at the Golden Sheaf in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is not an exception. Dylan Brown, a 22-year-old, was charged with five counts of carnal touching without consent. This incident has again raised concerns about how safe individuals are in Sydney’s … Read more

Scandal 5 June 2023 Episode: Watch Scandal Streaming Online

The most watchable show is our topic to discuss. Yes, we are talking about Scandal. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This drama is a South African Sopa Opera, which is produced by Ochre Moving Pictures. This show telecasts on This show is one of the most watchable shows. This … Read more