Major Mistake Found On Trump’s Arrest Document After It’s Posted Online

Last Thursday, President Trump was indicted on thirty-seven counts by Democrat Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ). Trump, who will challenge President Joe Biden in the 2016 presidential race, may spend years in prison if he is found guilty on all counts. On Monday, Trump was arraigned in court where his lawyers plead not guilty … Read more

Tucker Carlson Takes Aim At ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Biden

Tucker Carlson took aim at President Joe Biden, whom he branded a “wannabe dictator.” Carlson lambasted the president’s leadership in his fourth episode of the popular series, “Tucker on Twitter.” Ep. 4 Wannabe Dictator — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) June 15, 2023 Carlson is currently in a legal fight with Fox News after the network … Read more

BREAKING: Bribery Investigators Find $10M That Joe Biden Claims He Didn’t Have

Democrat President Joe Biden’s 2017 tax return shows that he received a staggering $10 million without any details of the source, congressional investigators probing an alleged bribery scheme have discovered. The investigation by the conservative Federalist Society found one of Biden’s corporate entities reported nearly $10 million in revenue without detailing the sources. The discovery has raised … Read more

Guiliani Implies Would-Be Whistleblower Against Biden, A Burisma Accountant, May Be Dead

An alleged whistleblower who was said to be willing to turn over financial documents and testify to federal investigators about the Biden family’s corruption is now reportedly dead, according to the Conservative Brief. That assertion came from former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, who did not name the individual but identified them as a chief accountant … Read more

How did Afeez Agoro die? Tribute pours in as Nigeria Tallest Man Dead

This is to inform you that Afeez Agoro who was the tallest man in his country, Nigeria, has passed away. Yes, the tallest man in Nigeria is no more. According to the reports, the news of Afeez Agoro’s demise was confirmed by the chairman of the Akoka Community Development Association (CDA) because Afeez Agoro was … Read more

Nathan Carman Killed In Jail Cell: Who Was The Suspect?

Today, we are going to tell you about the cause of the death of Nathan Carman. Last year, Linda Carman of Middletown, Connecticut, pled not guilty to fraud and first-degree murder. Carman, 29, is from Vernon, Vermont. During a fishing trip, they went together in September 2016, according to the prosecution, Carman plotted to kill … Read more

Is CEO Teezy Killed? What did CEO Teezy do? Young Dolph Murder Investigation

Recently, several publications informed that the person in question related to the murder of American rapper Young Dolph, is said to have passed away. Yes, you heard it right, CEO Teezy has died. CEO Teezy was the person of interest in the murder case of Young Dolph, but he is no more. How did he … Read more

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What Happened to Joe Lyons Capital FM? Cause of Death Revealed

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