Democrats Silent as 50% of Californians Begin Fleeing State

A whopping 50% of people living in California are preparing to leave the state due to the high taxes, high crime, and ‘woke’ politics, according to a new analysis. The analysis reveals that the majority of Californians are deeply unhappy with the way Gov. Gavin Newsom has run the state. Nearly Half of All Californians … Read more

NYC Mayor Caught Secretly Shipping Illegal Aliens Out to China

New York Mayor Eric Adams has been quietly and deceitfully shipping illegal aliens out of his “sanctuary city” to other countries, including China, according to reports. Texas and Florida have been sending illegal aliens from overwhelmed border communities to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” such as NYC, Chicago and California. Despite offering to welcome illegals with “open … Read more

Putin Blasts Deep State for Attempting Coup in Russia: “I Will CRUSH You”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blasted the ‘Deep State’ for attempting a coup d’etat in Russia, and has warned the West that he will crush any attempt at overriding the will of the Russian people. In his first speech addressing Wagner’s armed rebellion on Saturday morning, Putin called Yevgeny Prigozhin’s coup attempt a massive “betrayal” … Read more

A Note From Michael of Real Raw News

I want to apologize for my malaise in publishing lately, but also, possibly against my better judgement, want to take a moment to explain what’s going on in my world outside of Real Raw News. It’s not my habit to discuss things personal—being vulnerable has bit me in the ass before, situations where people I … Read more

Fact check: Does Toby Keith Suffer From Cancer? Heath Update 2023

A number of people are taking over the internet and seeking details about country singer Toby Keith’s illness. What disease diagnosed him? Recently, the singer was seen while fishing and singing with his excited fans. Since then fans have been scrambling if the country singer has won the battle against his disease or not. Lots … Read more

Twitter Users Remind Thunberg That We’ve Not Been Wiped Out As She Predicted

On June 21 2018, Greta Thunberg took to Twitter to warn that climate change would “wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”  For some ‘unknown’ reason Thunberg deleted that tweet, but Twitter users have not forgotten. They took to twitter to celebrate ‘Greta Thunberg Day’ reminding … Read more

US: First Elected ‘Transgender’ State Rep. Arrested On Child P*rn Charges

America’s first elected transgender politician, who formerly served as a state representative in the New Hampshire legislature has been arrested on charges of distributing child p*rnography. Stacie-Marie Laughton, a biological male who identifies as a woman, was elected in 2012, but was unable to serve after her criminal past emerged. The former Democratic rep who … Read more

WATCH: Neo The One Video Twitter, sparks outrage online

In the realm of the digital era, many celebrities and social media influencers became popular from obscurity and creating controversies. Likewise, one such influencer on social media who boasts millions of followers and subscribers is Neo The One. He is a popular content creator on Youtube. However, Neo The One is widely popular for his … Read more

WATCH: Anush Apetyan viral video, sparks outrage on twitter and reddit

Once again the viral video of Anush Apetyan is going viral on the internet reemerging as one of the most trending topics on social media. It has been almost a year since Anush Apetyan’s viral video came to light. But after a year, the video has re-emerged. Do you know who was Anush Apetyan? As … Read more

KJP & John Kirby Walk Out Of Briefing To Avoid Reporters Questions About Biden Corruption

Both the WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby appeared unable to handle questions from reporters regarding Biden’s connections to his son Hunter’s crooked business deals. Newsmax reporter James Rosen questioned Kirby about a 2017 Hunter Biden WhatsApp text, which was revealed by the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday as part … Read more