Kidnapped Dubai Brilliance Children Reunited With Families

The American children (63) liberated from child slavers aboard the Dubai Brilliance have been reunited with families thanks to the Navy SEALs who saved them and the efforts of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s child s*x crimes division, a JAG source told Real Raw News. As reported, SEALs killed nine kidnappers on the Dubai … Read more

How did Shakeel die? Veteran actor passes away at age 85 in Karachi

We have some unexpected and upsetting news to share with you today. Yousuf Kamal, a well-known TV actor from Pakistan, has gone away. At the age of 85, he passed away. He was also known as Shakeel. Karachi’s entertainment industry is mourning the loss of one of its most revered and cherished figures, as veteran … Read more

NYC Mayor Compares Holocaust Survivor to ‘Plantation’ Owner

New York City Mayor Eric Adams compared an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor to a plantation owner after she complained about rising rents in New York. The exchange took place during a town hall meeting in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Wednesday. In response to questions raised by Jeanie Dubnau, an assistant professor of biology at Rutgers … Read more

Zelensky Meets With Greta Thunberg To Discuss The War’s Impact on Ukraine Ecology

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with the Swedish eco-worrier Greta Thunberg in Kiev on Thursday to discuss the impact that war was having on Ukraine’s ecology. Thunberg denounced the ecological havoc she said was caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and also what she said was the world’s lack of reaction to the ongoing disaster. … Read more

Jason Wilder’s cause Of Death, Jason Wilder’s Death, What Happened To Jason Wilder

Having to break the news that Dan Carson died at the age of 60 is incredibly upsetting. Dan Carson had been a Calgary sports radio presenter for a while, but his most well-known role was as a Stampeders announcer. For Dan Carson’s family and loved ones, who are currently lamenting his passing, the news of … Read more

Jason Wilder Death Cause And Obituary

Jason Wilder is said o be passed away. What happened to Jason Wilder? You will get complete details about Jason Wilder in this article. Keep reading for more information. What Happened To Jason Wilder Jason Wilder is said to be passed away. What happened to him? Jason Wilder passed away on 25th June 2023. He … Read more

What Was Rubin Antony Cause of Death? PA Lawyer Rubin Antony Dies, Obituary

Here we will give the details about Rubin Antony as the news about his death is going viral over the internet. The public is going through the Internet to know more about him. Not only that the public also searches for his death over the internet as the news about him was very shocking for … Read more

What Happened to Glenn Porter? Glenn Porter Car Accident Update Death – Obituary

The readers are becoming habitual of constantly hearing the accident news. Such cases are the biggest problem in the entire world as most of the deaths are reported due to road accidents. Instead of decreasing such cases are constantly increasing and making people worried about it. Nobody wants to hear the death news of their … Read more

Obituary: Cassie Bechard Death Cause: Family Mourns the Loss

Many people on social media are talking about Cassie Bechard and looking for her obituary. According to the reports, Cassie Bechard who was a resident of Kitchener, Ontario has passed away. She breathed her last on June 24, 2023. Since her death news broke out and surfaced on social media, many people have extended their … Read more

Great Reset King Charles III Warns: ‘Humanity Has 6 Years Left Before Climate Armageddon’

‘Great Reset’ King Charles III has issued a chilling warning to humanity: commit to the net zero goals of the WEF or face armageddon in just six years time. Charles joined London’s far-left Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan this week to activate a a “climate clock”, warning that a “climate catastrophe” will be triggered by 2030 … Read more