WATCH: Gomora 12 June 2023 Full Episode Tonight’s Updates

We are here to share a written update on the most famous show Gomora. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This show has created a good fan-following among people. All the characters are doing great work in the show. Gomora is a South African television drama series, which is produced by … Read more

Fact Check: Is Ian Wright Arrested? Is Ian Wright In Jail? Where Is He Right Now?

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Watch: Students Jeer Pride Video Forced On Them In MATH Class, So The Teacher Threatens Them With Weekend Detention

Parents from Edison High School in Huntington Beach, Commie California are making a video go viral. Their students were forced to watch a pride video in Math class. When the students were uncomfortable with it, the teacher threatened them with weekend detention. Welcome to public school in 2023. Though, the word “Commie California” gives away … Read more

Britain’s Green Energy Disaster Should Be An Awful Warning To Americans

Last year, the Biden administration set an ambitious new goal for the USA: to deploy 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity by the year 2030, increasing US offshore capacity more than seven hundred times over. The UK already has 15 GW of offshore wind, more than 300 times as much as the USA: and … Read more

WEF Calls For AI To Rewrite Bible, Create ‘Religions That Are Actually Correct’

A top official with the World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for religious scripture to be “rewritten” by artificial intelligence (AI) to create a globalized “new Bible.” Yuval Noah Harari, the senior advisor to the WEF and its chairman Nazi Son, Klaus Schwab, argues that using AI to replace scriptures will create unified “religions that … Read more

Fact check: Is Noela Rukundo Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

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Was Ted Kaczynski In the Depression? Illness and Mental Health Before Death

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What happened To Justin F Kaplan? Obituary Boca Raton Florida and Death Cause Revealed

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What happened to Levi Catter? Minneapolis, MN, died has died

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Why was Nickmercs’ operator removed from COD? Drama explained

Nicholas “Nickmercs” is a well-known Twitch streamer that has garnered global attention, particularly for his gameplay and impressive progress in the Call of Duty franchise. Recently, the streamer has come under fire due to his comments on the LGBTQ community. These comments have led to his sanctions and the removal of his Call of Duty … Read more