LATEST: Titanic Missing Submersible , Missing Submersible passengers ALIVE?

The submersible is predicted to have approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes of oxygen remaining. What’s even more disheartening is that the journey back to the surface is expected to take around 8 hours, so there may only be 1 hour and 30 minutes left before even a rescue operation wouldn’t save the passengers. Additional … Read more

The final moments in that doomed submarine

As international hopes for a miracle in the case of the five souls lost beneath the waves of the North Atlantic have faded, a grim recognition of what was always a near impossibility has set in. Personally, I’m heartbroken for those who have apparently died either in a merciful, instantaneous pressure-implosion, or an agonizingly dark … Read more

Claustrophobic video from inside doomed Titanic submarine shows how tight space is

A dated video tour of the inside of Titan – the submersible that is missing near the Titanic ruins – demonstrates how restricted the five passengers onboard are in terms of space. The very small vessel has no seats, one miniature bathroom, and moved around via “video game controller.” Passengers must sit on the floor, … Read more

Adam Schiff Left In Wide-Eyed Shock After Being Censured

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Adam Schiff was left in wide-eyed shock after the House of Representatives voted to censure him for lying to the American people about Trump/Russia collusion. “How could they do this to me?” said Schiff, his eyes as wide as saucers. “Sending me a formal letter of disapproval is a brazen attack … Read more

The Bud Light Boycott Dented Sales. These Companies Are Also Being Targeted

Bud Light isn’t the only consumer product brand under pressure during Pride Month. Starbucks SBUX –1.64%  (ticker: SBUX), Target TGT –0.73%  (TGT), and Cracker Barrel CBRL –0.48%  (CBRL) have also faced criticism and calls for boycotts after showing support for the LGBTQ community this year during June, even though they have done so for years. But the three have been able to avoid the harshest glare, which … Read more

Hollywood Elite Summoned to Secret WEF Summit To Inject ‘Climate Change Propaganda’ Into Movies

The elite of Hollywood have been summoned to meet in Los Angeles for a four-day summit organized by the WEF designed to formulate a strategy to brainwash the masses about the “climate change crisis.” According to the AFP, thousands of actors, director and writers will convene with WEF-funded “scientists and activists” in an effort to … Read more

Globalists Unveil AI That Can Create ‘Legal Child Porn’ for Pedophiles Who Want To Avoid Prison

The Davos elite have unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthrough that will allow pedophiles avoid jail: AI-generated child porn. According to the techno-communist eugenicists, the AI revolution will allow “lifelike images showing child se*xu*al exploitation,” reports the Washington Post. Up until now, possession and distribution of child porn is a serious crime in nearly … Read more

Juan O’ Savin & Scott McKay: Major Military Intel – What’s Going On Now?? (Video)

Juan and Scott join forces to share military Intel about what’s happening now.. The military is making HUGE moves across the country and in Canada. What’s going on now?? Hear what the guys have to share.. The post Juan O’ Savin & Scott McKay: Major Military Intel – What’s Going On Now?? (Video) appeared first on best news … Read more

Rand Paul: “Bill Gates Is the Biggest Funder of Manufactured Disease Outbreaks”

Senator Rand Paul blasted globalist billionaire Bill Gates for his obsession with funding manufactured deadly diseases. Such diabolical schemes led directly to the COVID-19 pandemic, he added. “Gates is the largest funder of trying to find these viruses in remote caves and bring them to big cities,” Sen. Paul told Maria Bartiromo, host of “Sunday … Read more

Hollywood Actor Jim Caviezel Says CIA “Operates World’s Biggest Pedophile Ring”

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has warned that the CIA operates the world’s biggest pedophile ring and has some of the world’s most powerful leaders as members. During an interview with Steven Bannon on Tuesday, Bannon focused on promoting Caviezel’s new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of a former government … Read more