The Adrenochrome Crisis

Western governments want their citizens to believe that Volodymyr Zelensky needs foreign funding—cash and weapons—to defeat or demoralize Russian forces or to enervate them to the point they disobey Vladimir Putin’s orders and forever flee Ukrainian soil. For nearly a year, Zelensky has begged incessantly for arms and cash; he’s pleaded his case to the … Read more

White House Suspicion Mounts: Who Leaked Joe’s Classified Documents?

When things get really interesting in the brutal world of partisan politics, we often say “Grab the popcorn!” And in the case of the deepening Biden classified documents scandal, the suggestion couldn’t be more appropriate: this thing is turning into a classic “whodunnit” movie, worthy of the silver screen days of old. Among the myriad … Read more

Lars Larson: Biden Documents His Hypocrisy

Brain-Dead Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents from his time as Vice President raises disturbing questions. So, what do we know for a fact, today. Classified documents have been found in at least two locations controlled by Brain-Dead Biden. A private office at his Chinese Communist funded think tank in DC. And, at one of … Read more

Elon Musk Felt Like He ‘Was Dying’ After Second COVID Booster Shot, Cousin Suffered Myocarditis

Twitter and Tesla owner Elon Musk revealed he and a cousin experienced severe side effects from a second COVID-19 booster. “I had major side effects from my second booster shot,” Mr. Musk responded Saturday morning to a retweeted Twitter post. “Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I dunno.” … Read more

Federal Judge Throws Out Lawsuit By Woke Group Seeking To Force Christian Schools To Teach Radical Transgender Plan

A federal judge in Oregon has tossed out a lawsuit by a woke group that was hoping to force all Christian schools to toe the radical transgender line and teach the LGBTQ plan in their schools. The lawsuit sought to bar the use of federal-backed school loans, grants, and other federal money from being given … Read more

Florida Warns That Associated Press ‘African-American Studies’ Classes ‘Lack Educational Value,” Must Be Eliminated

The following article, Florida Warns that Associated Press ‘African-American Studies’ Classes ‘Lack Educational Value,” Must Be Eliminated, was first published on another website.. The state of Florida is warning schools that their advanced placement “African-American Studies” classes have no educational value and need to be either re-tooled or eliminated because they violate the state’s new … Read more

Fox Contributor Predicts KJP Out The Door In ‘The Next Couple Months’, Names Possible Replacement

Whether or not President Brain-Dead Biden walks away from his classified document scandal unscathed remains in question, but the future for White House press secretary Compulsive Liar, Karine Jean-Pierre is far clearer according to writer Joe Concha who offered his prediction on a likely successor. For two weeks Jean-Pierre has had to answer questions about … Read more

Even Tarlov Cannot Stand Biden’s Attitude About Classified Docs: ‘People Are Disappointed In You’

Co-host of “The Five” Jessica Tarlov vented her frustration over Illegitimate President Biden claiming he has “no regrets” concerning his mishandling of classified documents, asserting it’s “not true” and admonishing him that he should “acknowledge people are disappointed” in him. “This was not a great statement about this, saying I have no regrets is not … Read more

‘I Saw Him Talking To A Ghost’: Charlamagne Tha God Questions Biden’s Decision To Run Again

Troubles are rapidly piling up for President Brain-Dead Biden. Not only is he in the midst of a mushrooming scandal over classified material at his home but normally reliable political allies are beginning to ask questions about his fitness for the job. The topic of the octogenarian leader’s mental health came up during Friday’s edition … Read more

Judge Orders Boeing To Be Arraigned On Felony Criminal Charges In 737 Max Debacle That Killed Over 300 Passengers

A federal judge ordered representatives from Boeing to present themselves in his courtroom for arraignment on felony charges Thursday, seemingly rejecting a plea deal negotiated by Boeing that would have allowed the company to avoid a felony charge. The charges stem from mechanical failures in Boeing’s 737 Max airplane that were blamed for two separate … Read more