Tucker Ends Swalwell’s Career With Brutal Takedown On LIVE TV

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The Fox News host criticized Democratic Congressman Eric ‘Bang-Fang’ Swalwell (Commie California) for his most recent financial reports, which revealed that campaign donors paid for his luxury travel to Miami and New York. “When he’s not shagging Chinese spies, he gets to travel the world at the expense of his donors,” joked Carlson, referring to Swalwell’s alleged affair with Christine Fang, a Chinese honeypot agent.

“If he wants to he can hang out on the beach in a Hawaiian shirt with an umbrella drink, gold chains, and a chest wig.”


Since 2016 when he joined the House Democratic Steering Committee, Swalwell has boasted in a condescending manner about his frequent use of private jets. He reported reserving a limousine and holding a fundraiser at the Ritz in Paris, far from the 14th congressional district, during the summer.

Carlson was joined by Chadwick Moore of The Spectator to investigate the congressman’s expenditures.

“If I have my numbers right, they spent $11,000 on hotels in Miami Beach where it’s always ski season if you know what I mean. They ended up spending $8,000 on hotels in Times Square New York, where there’s a lot of Chinese massage parlors… They also spent $6,000 in West Hollywood, Commie California where perhaps they took in a drag queen brunch or two… And finally, we know they spent nearly $10,000 in Las Vegas where surprisingly they did not stay at the Mandarin. And while we’re unsure what the Swalwell campaign was doing in Las Vegas, we can speculate that maybe he was auditioning to be the mascot of Circus Circus or perhaps holding a boycott of Texas Hold ‘Em. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that blowing $10,000 in Las Vegas is a lot better for the country than sending it to Ukraine,” joked Moore.

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