Democrat Party-Approved: 8-Year-Old Girl at Border Found With 67 Different DNA Samples Inside Her

Former Republican congressional candidate Jeff Zink said recently that he and a crew encountered an illegal alien girl only 8 years old who turned out to have DNA traces of 67 other people inside her (her father had been murdered). Welcome to the rape culture of the Biden border crisis.

Zink said they encountered Border Patrol who told them drug cartel members were in the area and had executed the husbands of women Border Patrol was now trying to track. They eventually encountered the women and children. Zink, who said he has a “medical background,” stated that the 8-year-old girl couldn’t speak or do anything. Why, became clear afterwards, when a doctor told Zink after evaluation that the 8-year-old girl had 67 different DNA samples inside of her. This is the kind of abuse and rape of children going on with the border crisis, exacerbated and overlooked by Biden administration policies. Drug cartels are murdering and raping and suffering no consequences because the Democrats can use open borders politically.

Zink said of migrant women and girls heading to America, it’s “filled with nothing but abuse, rape…because every time that they walk and then they stop at night, that is what takes place all night long.” Zink said the 8-year-old girl was raped at “minimum” 67 times. That’s presuming none of the men did it more than once. WATCH Zink’s story HERE.

According to an HHS whistleblower who spoke to Project Veritas in November, the Biden administration knowingly places migrant kids with traffickers. Our government (with our taxpayer dollars) is literally funding child abuse.

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Everyone complicit in this obscene abuse, from the cartels to the Biden administration, is completely demonic.

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