Bill O’Reilly Gets Tucker Carlson’s Firing All Wrong

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O’Reilly is basically one of the good guys but is in that class of people who remain in deep denial about what has happened and is continuing to happen to his country. ” But it doesn’t make any sense that the disgraced FBI would jeopardize everyone inside that bureau by launching some false flag operation, or whatever you want to call it.”

What, hold up there Bill. The Corrupt FBI’s cover-up of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Email server scandal and the Mid-Year Exam does not provide a plausible case that the disgraced FBI is corrupt. The Mueller Russiagate, the disgraced FBI political coup on a sitting president, not to mention the illegal FISA Warrants on the Trump campaign did not inform you enough about how far the disgraced FBI is willing to compromise itself? How could you make such a blanket claim against the backdrop of the corrupt DOJ/Manhattan prosecutor raiding Mar a Lago and indicting a former President? There is being naive then there is wearing rose-colored glasses.

So what is the beef with Bill’s analysis of the story of the day? It is all in the framing of how he reaches his take on Tucker’s firing. Bill frames much about the firing through the lens that Carlson dabbled in conspiracies and got burned. One of his key points about this is a discussion on Ray ‘The Fed’ Epps. Bill indicated a possible lawsuit from Epps, who claims Tucker ruined his life in a 60 minutes rehab love fest, is key to why Fox may have parted ways with what Bill assumes is a huge liability hanging over Fox’s Board.

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First, if I took the time to dot out what I suspect would be Bill’s examples of Tucker’s conspiracy narratives It would become evident that in each case Tucker has accurately related the truth. Just a few examples: the disgraced FBI political coup on President Trump, FISA warrants, Crackhead Hunter Biden and Biden INC.(Tony Bobulinski) Kyle Rittenhouse, Officer Sicknick, Origins of Covid, and the Ukraine Proxy War. The fact Bill does not know this speaks to the bubble he resides in.

Second, Bill clearly does not see the crushing free speech play by the Deep State and how his little gig along with all the other alternative media platforms are on the list to be purged as well. Fox did not fire Tucker over financial risks or profits. Fox is complicit in rigging the outcome of the 2024 election just as they were in 2020 and 2022. This is about raw power, not money. Fox knows that those who are wielding the real power these days will silence media at will just like tyrannical regimes do. Fox felt the wrath of that targeted coordinated attack and chose to negotiate with evil rather than stand up to it.

Finally, Bill has started to miss a step or two. For him to claim he is a hard-hitting investigative journalist who ” does not speculate and only gives facts” yet not know that the disgraced FBI has been caught in court filings and admitted to embedding FBI assets into the crowd on Jan 6 – exposes why trusting his analysis must be taken with a grain of salt.

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Investigative journalism requires getting out of your bubble.

What did Epps do on Jan.6 at the US Capitol? It is all on tape:

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