Millions Of Boomers Call Grandkids To Ask How To Change Channel From Fox News

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In the days following Tucker Carlson’s unexpected ouster from Fox News, millions of calls were placed by frustrated and confused boomers to younger relatives for directions on how to change the channel.

“Yes, Sam, it’s your Nana, Dear! Can you tell me what button on the clicker will change the TV away from the Fox News program?” said local boomer Edith Brown to her grandson in Idaho. “I want to watch the channel Tucker is on. What channel is he on now? Is it the green button? No? The little red button?”

Sources say that millions of viewers are leaving Fox News, although with a bit of a delay as they fumble through stacks of remote controls, unsure how to make the TV stop showing the only channel they’ve ever watched for the last 20 years. “We expect millions more to leave once grandkids across America start picking up their phones,” said one analyst. “Pick up your phones, grandkids!”

At publishing time, Edith Brown had reported already feeling calmer as her grandson had introduced her to the Game Show Network.

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