Gretchen Whitmer Arrested, Whitmer would be sent to GITMO


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was arrested Tuesday while heading home to the Governor’s mansion from a vacation rental in Grand Haven, on the coast of Lake Michigan, where she spent Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

A Marine reconnaissance platoon from Camp Pendleton stopped Whitmer’s vehicle near Interstate 96 in Coopersville. They showed a shocked and puzzled Whitmer a military arrest warrant bursting with charges ranging from seditious conspiracy to treason to arranging her own attempted kidnapping just before the 2020 presidential election.

According to our source, Gen. Smith learned through intercepted phone calls that Whitmer, in a perplexing move, would travel solo to Grand Haven instead of being accompanied by a throng of Deep State security.

“It was abnormal for her to go anywhere alone. When we had eyes on her in the past, the bitch was always well-protected and in situations that would’ve made an arrest difficult, dangerous. A while ago we pulled eyes off her to keep track of others, but we kept electronic surveillance,” our source said.

He added that Gen. Smith heard about her trip only two days before the holiday.

Given the choice between confronting Whitmer while she drove to Grand Haven or on the trip home, Gen. Smith picked the latter because he wanted to ensure his Marines had ample time to not only arrive in Grand Haven on time but also form a contingency plan in case the operation went south. On Monday undercover Marines arrived in Grand Haven and established surveillance on the residence.

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Marines observed Whitmer host a dozen guests at a backyard barbeque; she consumed copious amounts of alcohol and stumbled about groping male guests. Whitmer’s husband, Dr. Marc Mallory, a dentist who retired early due to alleged but unproven threats from Trump supporters, was not present at the barbeque, our source said.

The following day Marines tailed Whitmer’s car as it traveled along Interstate 96, which was packed densely with traffic of holiday revelers heading home after an extended weekend away. The Marines, our source said, patiently followed Whitmer until she, for reasons unknown, entered a side street devoid of traffic. One Marine SUV jumped the curb and sped ahead of Whitmer, cutting her off, while a second Marine SUV blocked her retreat as she tried to reverse.

She had locked the doors and was frantically dialing her cell phone when the Marines shattered the driver’s window and dragged Whitmer, kicking and screaming, from the vehicle. When handed a copy of the arrest warrant, Whitmer shredded it and demanded to speak with Joseph Biden. She was told that “Biden can’t help you anymore” and forced into the rear seat of an SUV. Two Marines commandeered her car and drove off.

Our source said Whitmer was taken to a processing center and underwent a medical exam to determine whether she was a natural human or a clone. General Smith ordered the examination because the Special Forces unit that raided a cloning lab in the Ozarks last December found replicas of Whitmer.

“The Whitmer we caught appears to be the real Whitmer. No indicators of cloning were found,” our source said.

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He said Whitmer would be sent to GITMO or Camp Blaz to face a military tribunal.

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