Restored Republic via GCR Update as of June 6, 2023

Judy note, where there are no storms, there are no rainbows. If you love rainbows, you have to love storms, too. Winners never quit. Losers never win. Enjoy the storm. Grand Finale, Salvation, John McAfee Live, Telegram. Evidence of child genocide in Canada. Voice of the Republic Sunday at 6 PM estate, Biden raised the debt ceiling again, pushing the US into an economic crisis. Debt ceiling raised equals US dollar default equals economy freeze equals emergency alert system, activated equals lockdown. Martial law equals 10 days of communication darkness during mass arrests equals Military Tribunal’s arid equals currencies around. The global value to a gold asset backed system equals deep state rate reset fee at digital currency banking system goes down the tube.

Nezera Intel, takedown of the Cabal, Nezera June Intel. The takedown of the Cabal, Trump and JFK Jr. Major arrests coming. Major arrests coming June third, 2023. Situation update, February sixth, 2023. An unfiltered discourse on current events. Fall of the Cabal, part 2. Deep State plan to turn base against Trump. The Deep State’s intricate plan to turn the base against Trump. A strategic analysis. Do you remember George H. W. Bush’s funeral? Do you remember when all the members of the cabal were handed envelopes? A new one theory just surfaced. Visit the website, denarport. Com right away to learn more about finance, currency, and economic information. A global currency reevaluation for 42 hours, beginning Tuesdays. 9 30th of May, bond holders received their packages by FedEx, with delivery starting up again on Sunday for June, continuing on for another three to four days.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via GCR Update as of June 6, 2023

Some bond people have been paid, Bruce, marks and free inhabitant. On Thursday, first of June, all banks around the world which had passed the Global Quantum Financial Systems Fed ISO 20,00022 came online to the new financial system. Meaning all electronic payments for 209 countries’ financial network were now able to communicate with each other at lightning speed. Those thousands of banks that didn’t qualify because their monies weren’t gold asset backed would now be closed. The redemption staff worked on Sunday fourth of June, March Sun, night fourth of June. The new Iraqi dinar rate was settled on bank screens. Activation of the emergency alert system, EAS, will trigger martial law in the global currency reevaluation, Free Inhabitant. Some say that the tier 4B notification would happen prior to an emergency broadcast system announcement of a two to four week communication shutdown.

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While head of the Global Redemption Committee, Dr. Charlie Ward, indicated on his show that tier 4 B notification would come after the EBS dash, which was expected to begin at any moment. At the end of this week and after tier 4 B was in progress, there would be a massive cleanup in many redemption areas around the world. Get ready to ride the wave of the global currency reset. Gcr, the Quantum Financial System, QFS, Black Swan event, and the Nizaraj Jezehra Trumps are a revolution. Imf says Fed to remain tight until late 2024. Jp Morgan Chase transferred billions in debt to inflate its capital. Brick’s solution to Swift Project Hammur, Awaken 3D, Project Hammur Part 1, insider trading platforms using off ledger World War II gold. B. Sim Bonds, Greg O’Neil. The Sim Bond is denoted in the Zimbabwean dollar and is payable in that currency or its equivalent, just as the US Treasury Bond is payable in our dollar.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via GCR Update as of June 6, 2023

Same thing. The Bearer Bond is a sovereign bank debt instrument issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. I don’t see a way to get around the fact the Zimbond is denoted in the Zimbabwean dollar is being traded now on forex currency markets when the bond clearly says to pay to the bearer of the face value of the bond in that currency. What other way is there to be seen? As of May 31, 2023 is seen at currency Converter. At the very end of their list of currencies being traded, you will find ZWL, Zimbabwean dollar, the face value of a single 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars bearer bond converted to USD, comes to the very tidy sum of 310,600 million US dollars or 310.6 billion per 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. One Zimbabwean dollar equals 0.003106 US dollars and one US dollar equals 321.967.0161 Zimbabwean dollars.

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The intel reports tell us that we will get 1 % at a redemption appointment with the balance accessible 90 days from the appointment. As a former Navy journalist and newspaper editor in chief of a 12 page weekly in Florida, I’m very disgusted with the state of what is being passed off as journalism these days. Propaganda instead of truth, Greg O’Neil. See Timeline, JFK Junior alert. Four important dates announced. Steve jobs and Lady Diana is alive. The Ease and Marshall Law was set to activate at any time worldwide. On Thursday, first of June, at eight o’clock ESD, the Quantum Financial Systems Fed ISO 2022 activated, a universal language for global financial networks to communicate with each other. The 209 major countries now had their new gold asset backed currencies live on the quantum financial system. Monday, fifth of June, Yellen’s deadline for US dollar default. Tuesday’s, 13th of June Q’s timeline, 30 days from Mother’s Day, Moab attack on the King and Queen. Q Thursday, 16th of June collapse of IRS and all tax orgs. Sunday, 18th of June, Jezeera NeazerA announced during EBS disclosure implementation.

Wednesday, 21st of June, Special Counsel John Durham to testify on his report to House Judiciary Committee, 1788 became law on June 21st. Judgment in July, White Hat Intel, EBS White Hat Senior Intel, revealed. When in Trump special report? June 2023, Sunday 23rd of July inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr. A celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out. Two’s, 25th of July Queen Diana’s coronation. In June 2023, the general public would have access to MedBeds. D, the emergency alert system, EAS, to go off worldwide, free and habitant on Telegram, Africa. When the ease goes off, there will be a 24 hours period before all commerce goes down. No stores, schools open. Prepare for two to four weeks of a shutdown. Have a month’s supply of food, water, cash, fuel, and essential items on hand. 50 Senators were given Q phones and are underground preparing for continuation of government. Ebs will trigger martial law. Plude trigger the global currency revaluation.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via GCR Update as of June 6, 2023

The US dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world, and every currency of the world will be trading at a one to one with each other. People will have their money before the two to four week shutdown. Bond holders received payment. First of June, all banks, Basel 3, 4 compliant on system. Thousands of banks that weren’t compliant will be closing. White hats in charge of crashing the central banking system. The great reset of the CBC won’t be happening. We will be switching over to Tesla Free Energy and Starlink satellite system. Tesla towers switched on. We will receive instructions on our phones. Military shutdown across the world during the EAS broadcasts 8 hours 24 7. We’ll see the trials. No mainstream media there will be chaos as darkness will be revealed by the light. Prepare for two to four weeks of a shutdown when the EAS goes off, only have 24 hours to buy what you need. The internet will be scrubbed and replaced with new internet. E R estored Republic. Friday, second of June situation update. Situation update.

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February sixth, 2023. An unfiltered discourse on current events. Jfk files and the shadowy tendrils of the deep state, Trump, deep state, and the shockwaves through history. Restored Republic via GCR as of June second, 2023. Disruptive event too planned, military issued satellite phones to the Senate in the coming communication blackout event. Boom. The resurgence of power, Trump, Cheyenne, and military operations propelling the United States towards world superpower status. Russian bombers airborne, attacks on Ukraine imminent, Zelenskyy to be investigated for high treason by Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation. F.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via GCR Update as of June 6, 2023

White had Intel, Telegram, Explosive Development, Pentagon shuns tech giants Microsoft and Amazon. The military unleashed a powerful blow, rejecting contracts from Bill Gates, Microsoft, and the CIA, Mossad Connected, Amazon, shaking the very foundations of their services. Military enfor their might hold on tight as the plot thickens. The CIA’s servers, with half of them residing under Amazon’s umbrella, and the surprising assassination of Haiti’s President on the same fateful day that Microsoft, owned.

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