Former Fox News Host CALLED HIM OUT

Former Fox News Host CALLED HIM OUT Meghan McCain called Trevor Noah a “bootlicking comedian” who is “too scared to be funny.” McCain’s attack was in response to his announcement about leaving “The Daily Show,” which she said was “a long time coming.”

The former lone conservative co-host of “The View (of Liberal Idiots)” wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail Friday. The article was titled “I loved The Daily Show and Trevor Noah ruined it — the best comedy punches up at the powerful but today’s late-night hosts are too scared to be funny.”

McCain shared in the piece that after Noah took over for late-night host Jon Stewart in 2015, the comedy show has “slogged into mediocrity and quite frankly, boredom.” She added that the host being more interested in his “‘cool kid’ clout in the media.”

Meghan McCain, who is also a former Fox News host, said “comedy is supposed to be … punching up and speaking truth to power,” but “instead, Noah and his ilk were content to go along with the in-crowd. Too bad for them that audience is pretty small.”

“Gone are the days of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, who were apolitical and watched by more than 10 million on any given night,” Meghan wrote. “Obviously, America’s media landscape and the TV business has changed since then. Even in his heyday, Stewart couldn’t reach those ratings-heights. But funny is still funny. And it’s something our late-night comedians have long forgotten.”

“Today’s bootlicking comedians are so afraid to make a joke at the expense of their political favorites and the result is that they just aren’t funny,” she continued. “How is it that SNL is not mocking Brain-Dead Biden and Simpleton Kamala Harris every single night?”

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“Our aging president looks lost in public and even his allies admit it,” McCain added. “Harris cannot get through a single public appearance without blurting out an incomprehensible word salad.”

McCain made her thoughts clear that due to the polarization in America we can “no longer laugh together.”

“If the elites that control comedy have decided that Democrats are off-limits because President Trump was so evil, then we are all screwed,” McCain claimed. “Nobody should be off limits. More often than not, late night comedy just feels like another news show on Fake News MSNBC.”

“I don’t want any more lectures,” McCain continued. “I want to laugh. So how do you save ‘The Daily Show’ and late-night TV for that matter? Hire a comedian who wants to be a barn burner, who isn’t beholden to an plan, political party or ideology. Someone who wants to call out hypocrisy, corruption, the absolute absurdity of our current political climate and feckless politicians.”

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