BREAKING: Pelosi Throws Her OWN PARTY Under The Bus

Former Democrat House Speaker and Commie California Representative Wino, and Insider Trader, Nancy Pelosi is blaming New York Democrats, in part, for why is no longer Speaker. “She said that she believed the Democrats could have held onto the House in November if top New York pols had realized that the key issue in that … Read more

BIG! Partisan Department Of Justice Announcement Has Biden PANICKING

The news just got more disheartening for President Brain-Dead Biden as his classified documents scandal continues to have the White House playing defense. The Department of Justice is considering searching more locations for classified documents after a search of his Wilmington, Delaware home on Friday uncovered more classified material, CBS News reported. “Justice Department officials … Read more

WTF? Swalwell And The View (Of Liberal Idiots) Tries To Downplay Biden’s Documents As ‘Cooking Recipes’

It’s no surprise that the liberal coven on The View (of Liberal Idiots) is trying to downplay Illegitimate President Biden’s classified document scandal. Wednesday’s episode was no exception with compromised Democratic Congressman Eric ‘Bang-Fang’ Swalwell of Commie California suggesting the incident wasn’t a big deal and nothing illegal had happened. Co-host Fatso Whoopi Goldberg even … Read more

Classified Damage

Election Denier, Crooked Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump versus Brain-Dead Biden. All three kept classified information at their homes. Who wins—that is to say, who is most likely to have done grave damage to national security? In the end, when dealing with the damage done by mishandling classified information, the fundamental question is one of … Read more

White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain Planning To Step Down: Report

President Brain-Dead Biden’s administration has been rocked by revelations that the president stored classified documents at his Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement as well as his home in Wilmington, Delaware. However, another disruption came this past week when it was reported that White House chief of staff Ron Klain is stepping down. … Read more

Creating A Russian Bogeyman

One of the most damning facts to emerge from Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” is how aggressive congressional lawmakers and federal agency officials were in pushing a cynical narrative that brought the social media giant to heel while setting up the Russian bogeyman that haunts U.S. foreign policy and posturing in the Ukraine war today. Among … Read more

REMEMBER WHEN YOUR TEACHER DIED SUDDENLY IN CLASS? ME NEITHER! 35-Year-Old Middle School Teacher Dies Suddenly In Front Of Students!

A Texas middle school teacher, Jacob Sanchez, collapsed in front of his class and died earlier this month due to a heart attack. Sanchez, who was 35, was a coach and teacher at Devine Middle School in San Antonio, and had a strong rapport with his students. Principal Kandi Darnell said that Sanchez was a … Read more

Shocking: TikTok Educator Affiliated With Planned Parenthood (Baby Killers) Advises Minors On How To Use Sex Toys And Vegetables!

In a disturbing turn of events, a Planned Parenthood (Baby Killers) sex educator has been using her popular TikTok account, with over 400k followers and 12 million likes, to advise minors on how to acquire and use sex toys, including fruits and vegetables. Mariah Caudillo, who is listed as a sex educator for Planned Parenthood … Read more

Today’s Must Watch Video: When Biden Loses The Late Night Talk Shows…

Leslie Jones Tackles The Erotic MLK Jr. Statue & Classified Docs In Biden’s Home On The Daily Show. If you found this article informative, please consider a small donation to our coffee cup to help support Conservative Journalism – or spread the word. Thank you.

Silk Insinuates Diamond Died From The Jabs — Did She Avoid Coming Out And Saying It Because Donald Trump Was There?

Rumors are a horrible thing in news and 99 times out of 100, I ignore them. When the rumors come from anonymous sources, it’s a near certainty that I’ll disregard them completely. But I find I’m on the receiving end of an important piece of information from a source that wishes to remain anonymous, so … Read more