JAG Convicts former FEMA Boss Brock Long, Part I

(Due to the length of this article, I am dividing it into three pieces. I will publish part II tonight and part III tomorrow) The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and Office of Military Commissions on Wednesday convicted and sentenced to death former FEMA boss Brock Long following a tumultuous tribunal that saw the … Read more

WHO & Gates Inc Announce Plans To Flood Africa With Ultra Dangerous Malaria “Vaccines”

The World Health Organization and its partner organization, the Elitist Bill Gates-controlled GAVI, While it seems like great news at the surface, considering Africa’s continuing malaria epidemic, we’ve again encountered a situation in which the “cure” appears to be more threatening than the disease itself. Malaria indeed plagues the African continent. It is reported to … Read more

Joe Biden Wants Ursula von der Leyen To Be Next Nato Chief

US President Joe Biden is pushing for Ursula von der Leyen to be installed as the next Nato secretary general. The president of the European Commission was said to be the United States’ preferred candidate after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s candidacy was blocked  by the White House and France. During private talks von der Leyen … Read more

Shocking Video Shows Hunter Biden Doing a Line of Cocaine on White House Balcony – Media Silent

A video posted online of Hunter Biden doing a line of cocaine on the White House balcony during the July 4th celebrations went viral on Wednesday. In the wake of the Secret Service discovering cocaine in the White House West Wing on Sunday, Hunter appeared unphased during Tuesday night’s celebrations as he snorted a line … Read more

Marine Le Pen Puts Macron on Notice: “You’ll Soon Pay the Price for Your Treachery”

French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen issued a stern warning to Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday: “You will soon pay the price for your treachery against the people of France. Le Pen, who leads the main opposition party in France, says that Young Global Leader Macron has allowed France to burn as part of a globalist … Read more

French Military Say They Are Prepared To Arrest Macron for Treason

Top military officials in France have warned that French President Emmanuel Macron faces arrest unless order is restored to the country imminently. According to several senior officers, the French army are prepared to temporarily seize control of the government and detain the Young Global Leader over his deliberate failure to maintain law and order in France. … Read more

Richard Gere Says MILLIONS of Muslim Migrants Should Flood Europe To “Eradicate Racism”

Hollywood actor Richard Gere has urged millions of Muslim migrants to “flood Europe” in order to “eradicate racism” on the continent. Over the weekend, a video featuring the Democrat-voting actor went viral on Twitter. The video showed Gere standing near some water as he pleaded for his fans to send money to “Open Arms,” a … Read more

Biden Laughed When Questioned About How Cocoaine Got Into White House

Biden laughed and refused to answer questions about the cocaine found at the White House. The US president just sat and watched reporters as they tried and failed to get his response to the drug scandal while he was in the Oval Office with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson on Wednesday. His press secretary Karine … Read more

US Judge Says Biden Launched “Massive” Effort To Shut Down ‘Covid’ Jab Dissent

Biden officials have been temporarily banned from meeting with social media company executives due to what the judge agreed appeared to be a “massive” effort to censor dissent on Covid vaccines. In a ruling issued on Tuesday, a US Judge backed claime that Joe Biden launched an “Orwellian Ministry of Truth” to shut down Covid … Read more

Iceland: Massive Volcano Could Erupt Within Days After 1,200 Earthquakes Logged In 2 Days

There are fears that a monster volcano may be about to erupt in a matter of days after 1,200 earthquakes were recorded in 48 hours. The quakes have been logged on a peninsular in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland since 10pm on July 4, sparking panic as scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the University of Iceland … Read more