BREAKING: House Dems attempt to censor RFK Jr during censorship hearing

Eight Democrats voted to censor RFK Jr. from speaking in the hearing on censorship to which he was invited to speak. During Thursday’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, Democrat representatives attempted to censor 2024 presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. Shortly after Kennedy finished his testimony, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz requested … Read more

Pfizer Factory Destroyed by Tornado in North Carolina

A tornado with 150 mph winds has ripped through North Carolina and destroyed a major factory belonging to pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Aerial images reveal that the roof has been severely crumpled and partially torn off the massive building, while trucks and 50,000 pallets of drugs are strewn across the site. Officials in two counties say … Read more

Corporate Media: Criticizing ‘Wealthy Elite’ Is ‘Antisemitism’

The corporate media is now promoting new “anti-racism” language guidelines that claim using the term “wealthy elite” while criticizing powerful people is considered to be “antisemitism.” On Tuesday, establishment media outlet The Guardian published a report highlighting the new speech codes from the “Reframing Race initiative.” In its report, The Guardian offers advice to readers … Read more

Pentagon Memo: Transgender Soldiers Can Skip Deployments If They’re on ‘Hormone Therapy’

A memo leaked from the Pentagon outlines special rules for transgender soldiers that allow them to skip military deployments. The February 2023 memo was issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and outlines treatment at the Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) at Fort Liberty. In news that will have America’s enemies rubbing their hands … Read more

Joe Rogan Claims Jeffrey Epstein Used Blue Dress Painting To Blackmail Bill Clinton

Comedian and top podcaster Joe Rogan dropped a bombshell on a recent show with comedian Duncan Trussell claiming Jeffrey Epstein was blackmailing former president Bill Clinton. Joegan mentioned the infamous painting Epstein had of Clinton wearing a blue dress and the fact that Bill flew on Jeff’s plane over 20 times. Rogan said: “That painting … Read more

Dem Sen. Dianne Feinstein Gets Nasty, Sues Late Husband’s Estate

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the oldest member of Congress who won’t let go of her Senate seat until they pry it from her hands, is suing her late husband’s estate. She claims she’s being denied payments for ‘significant’ medical bills. Feinstein, 90, was born in 1933 and has been in the Senate representing California for nearly … Read more

Trump Says The Media Is Lying About Scale Of Death In Ukraine

President Trump has warned that the media is not accurately covering the scale of death and destruction in Ukraine. In an interview on Thursday Trump said “they are not telling you the truth” and that “hundreds of thousands of people are dying.” Summit News reports: Trump again reiterated that he wants the war to end immediately, … Read more

John Kirby Claims UFOs Are Having A “Real Impact” On US Air Force Pilots

National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby has claimed that UFOs are having a “real impact” on the ability of US Air Force pilots to operate. Kirby made the comments on Tuesday just ahead of a major hearing scheduled to take place in the House next week. He also said that unanswered questions surrounding UFOs must … Read more

CNN Shills for Bill Gates’ ‘Lab-Grown Meat’ Company

CNN has started shilling for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ “lab-grown” fake “meat” company. As Slay News reported, the USDA and FDA recently approved the “synthetic meat” produced by Gates-funded Upside Foods for public consumption in America. Alongside Gates’ company, “cultivated chicken” producer Good Meat also won approval from Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration. Covering the … Read more

Tucker Carlson Spills Beans on Entire Biden Family in New Biography

Tucker Carlson has spilled the beans on Democrat President Joe Biden and his entire Biden family in the star news anchor’s new biography. Carlson’s new biography, “Tucker,” written by Chadwick Moore, is set for release on August 1. Most don’t know that Hunter Biden’s ex-wife and Carlson’s wife are close friends. Close enough that the … Read more