WEF Says Fashion Will Be Abolished by 2030: “Humans Will All Wear a Uniform”

The World Economic Forum has declared that by 2030 fashion will become completely obsolete and all humans will be vegan, whether they like it or not. A newly resurfaced report written in 2019 states that humans will only be permitted to buy three items of clothing per year and will be prohibited from buying or … Read more

Secret Service Find Cocaine Inside White House Following Hunter Biden’s Visit

The White House and the surrounding area were evacuated on Sunday while the Secret Service investigated an unknown substance found on the grounds. Authorities have since confirmed that the substance turned out to be cocaine. A Secret Service spokesman told reporters on Sunday that the grounds were cleared “as a precaution” after the Secret Service’s Uniformed … Read more

Biden Admin Found Guilty of Violating First Amendment by Forcing Big Tech To Censor Americans

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Biden administration violated the First Amendment by forcing Big Tech companies to censor Americans who disagreed with the mainstream narrative. U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty in a 155-page ruling slammed the Biden regime over it’s “Orwellian” censorship against American citizens during the COVID period, calling it a “dystopian scenario.” … Read more

Democrats Vote To Eliminate Child Support Requirements for Black Fathers: “It’s a Racist Law”

Democrats have voted to eliminate child support requirements for Black fathers in America, declaring that the law is “racist” and should not apply to African Americans. The California Reparations Task Force says it is planning to scrap child support debt for all of the state’s Black residents. The Task Force argues this move is a … Read more

Bill Gates Pumps $400M Into New Abortion Vaccine for Africans

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates has pumped a whopping $400 million into a new scheme to test abortion vaccines on Africans. The money, provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will pay for a phase 3 clinical trial for a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. Similar Gates-funded vaccines have been linked to ‘spontaneous abortions‘ in female recipients. The … Read more

Majority Of High Street Banks Are Members Of Stonewall Diversity Schemes

Most High Street banks in the UK signed up to diversity schemes run by the controversial charity Stonewall. Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme includes guidance for employers on the use of pronouns and gender-neutral spaces. The charity also hosts a top 100 index which keep tabs on employers and their diversity and inclusion Lenders are now … Read more

Russia Says US May Be Training Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Launch Attack

Russian politicians have been publicly discussing a supposed ‘Pentagon project’ to drop infected mosquitoes on their troops. According to reports, they have been debating an appropriate response to the ‘Allied Insects’ project, in which America is alleged to have enlisted the support of insects. The MPs believe that scientists are working on how to infect … Read more

Genshin Impact Details New Summer Event for Version 3.8

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse reveals new details about the summer event being introduced with the Version 3.8 update this week. HoYoverse revealed new details about the new “Secret Summer Paradise” event launching with Genshin Impact Version 3.8 this week. Genshin Impact players will be able to earn new costumes, a playable character, and several useful materials for free by … Read more

Suicide Squad Isekai Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?

“When is the Suicide Squad Isekai release date?” is a common question following the surprising reveal. For those wondering when the Isekai version of Joker and Harley Quinn will be available to watch, and on what service, here’s all of the information we know so far about when Suicide Squad Isekai is coming out. Is there a … Read more

WATCH: Catherine Alicia Scandal Explained TikTok Star Viral Video

A TikTok content creator from Indonesia named Catherine Alicia is rumored to be involved in a scandal. There are stories and rumors on social media that the Indonesian TikTok star who is mainly known for her lip-syn and dance videos, can be seen in a scandalous clip. Meanwhile, a controversy has erupted and people have … Read more