JAG Sentences Eric Holder to Hang

  If silence were golden in JAG’s eyes, detainee Eric Holder comported himself well at the start of Monday’s proceedings, but Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall, after summarizing Monday’s transcript, clearly wanted from Holder an admission of guilt in the matter of firearms that went missing and were used in homicides and a mass shooting … Read more

Trump Targeted by Jan 6 Grand Jury Investigation, Says He Expects ‘Arrest and Indictment’

President Donald Trump revealed today that he received a target letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith about January 6 and the alternative slate of electors some states put forward. A target letter almost always precedes an official indictment and Trump expects that to come soon. Trump said: “Deranged Jack Smith, the prosecutor with Joe Biden’s … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene Overrules Jack Smith: “Absolute bullsh*t, his career is filled with mistrials, overturned cases, and judicial rebukes”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was furious that Donald Trump got a target letter and will be indicted as part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigations. Fox News’ Chad Pergram asked Greene on Tuesday for her reaction to the breaking news and Greene held nothing back calling the letter “absolute bullsh*t!” She said: “Yeah, that’s … Read more

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Comes Out As An ‘Antifa Super Soldier’

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has revealed on social media that he is an “Antifa Super Solider” A picture posted on Instagram shows the NCAA champion swimmer wearing a shirt that reads “Antifa Super Soldier.” On Monday The Post Millennial reporter Andy Ngo tweeted: “#Trans swimmer Lia Thomas, formerly William Thomas, has now embraced the #Trantifa … Read more

Hollywood Executive Warns Film Industry Is About To ‘Completely Collapse’

Top Hollywood executive Barry Diller has warned that the entertainment industry is facing imminent “absolute collapse” amid multiple union strikes and a rejection of woke culture by the American public. During an interview with CBS Diller declared that Hollywood may never recover from the recent spate of strikes. According to Diller, the multiple strikes have … Read more

Worldcoin CEO Admits “Global ID Will Be Rolled Out – Whether You Like It or Not”

Worldcoin CEO Sam Altman has admitted that the global elite will soon rollout a mandatory global ID for all citizens – whether they like it or not. According to Altman, everyone who wants to use the internet in the very near future will eventually be required to use World ID – or “something like it.” … Read more

YouTube Replaces ‘Hateful’ American Flag With ‘Inclusive’ MAPs Flag

YouTube has boasted that it has removed the “hateful” American flag from its list of available emojis and replaced it with the pro-pedophilia MAPs flag to promote “inclusivity.” Independent journalist Ryan Matta reported on the disturbing discovery on Sunday, noting YouTube even recommends the gay and MAPs flags instead of the American flag when searched. … Read more

China To Ban Japanese Seafood Imports Ahead of Radioactive Water Dump

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has just approved a large Fukushima discharge into the Pacific Ocean and some of Japan’s neighbours are not happy. The UN nuclear watchdog gave Japan the “greenlight” to dump over over 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of ‘treated’ radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima plant into the ocean, saying … Read more

Convicted Pedophile Released From Prison After Claiming He Is Transgender

A convicted pedophile serving a 15-year-sentence for a series of horrific child sex crimes has been allowed to walk free from prison after changing his gender while behind bars. Clive Bundy, 61, who now identifies as Claire Fox, was sentenced in 2016 for sexually abusing his 8-year-old daughter over nine years and circulating explicit photos of … Read more