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Ron Sexton’s Net Worth: Donnie Baker Income Source Before Death

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Green Agenda War on Nitrous Oxide Threatens Global Food Supply

The global food supply has been coming under increasing pressure in recent years as governments push policies to comply with the green agenda goals. One of the hardest-hit industries in the globalist fight against “climate change” has been agriculture. In many cases around the world, farmers have become direct targets of the climate agenda. The United Nations Intergovernmental … Read more

Biden DOJ’s Anti-Trump Investigations Have Cost Taxpayers $9 Million in Four Months

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Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Link Between JFK Assassination and UFOs

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Google Unveils ‘Woke’ AI Journalist – Tasked With Saturating Internet With Far-Left News

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American Cancer Society: ‘Treating Patients Is Harming the Planet – They Should Be Left To Die’

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