What Happened to Justin Slater? Obituary and Death Cause Revealed

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Biden Admin Threatens to Sue Texas for Defending Border against Illegal Immigration

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration has issued an ultimatum to Texas over the state’s efforts to defend the U.S. Southern Border from illegal immigration. Texas law enforcement officials had been forced to put barriers in place on the Rio Grande River in an attempt to stop the flood of illegals making the dangerous border crossing. … Read more

Jonathan Turley Says USA’s Turning Into “Nation Of Chumps: FBI Used FISA Improperly on U.S. Senator, a State Senator, and a Judge”

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RFK Jr. Calls for Investigation into Biden Bribery Scheme Allegations

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Ted Nugent Turns Tables on Jason Aldean’s ‘Weird’ Critics: ‘I Laugh in Their Face, They’ve Got No Soul’

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“Dead Ukrainians Don’t Matter!” – Says Washington Post

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