Mark Wahlberg: Hollywood Pedophiles Have ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg told hundreds of people at a Sunday school meeting in Los Angeles that a small yet powerful group of Hollywood insiders has declared war on the “evil” entertainment industry elite who traffic in children, and “Hollywood pedophiles have nowhere left to hide.” “We are hunting these evil sons of bitches down and taking them … Read more

Dylan Mulvaney Threatens To Leave America Unless Conservatives Stop Boycotting Her Products

Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney is threatening to leave the United States and move to Peru unless conservative Americans stop boycotting Bud Light and other products she has endorsed. Addressing the scandal in a TikTok video this month, Mulvaney trashed America and made the promise to flee the country for “greener pastures” in South America if conservatives don’t … Read more

BEACHED FAIL! Shirtless Biden Struggles to Move His Chair, Walk on the Beach

Footage surfaced on social media over the weekend showing Joe Biden struggling to move his beach chair or walk on the sound during another retreat in Delaware. A shirtless President Biden spends the day at a Delaware beach, completely unnoticed by other beachgoers. — Mike Sington (@MikeSington) July 9, 2023 81 million votes? Biden … Read more

Singer Nereus Joseph Passed Away, Death Cause Revealed

In recent news, it was reported that Nereus Joseph, a well-known face of the music industry has passed away. This article will provide you with insights and an obituary around the death case. You are required to read the article for more details and information. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates … Read more

IESF Asia Qualifier MLBB, schedule, format, results, where to watch

The winner of the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB will represent the region in the forthcoming World Esports Championship.  Ahead of the World Escorts Championship, fans have been left in a frenzy to know the schedule, format, results, and where to watch the 15th IESF WEC Asia Qualifier for MLBB. Mobile Legends: Bang … Read more

RFK Jr: CIA Orchestrated COVID Lab Leak as Part of WEF’s Depopulation Agenda

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has accused the CIA of orchestrating the COVID-19 lab leak in Wuhan as part of the WEF’s depopulation agenda for humanity. According to Kennedy Jr., “the CIA was involved” in the gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology that subsequently caused the pandemic. RFK Jr. made the … Read more

Biden Reveals Sensitive US Military Information On Live TV

The US President has come under fire after making another ‘gaffe’ in which he revealed sensitive military information during a recent live TV interview Joe Biden’s slip was in regard to the United States’ munitions status. During the interview, Biden just happened to say that the US was running low on military ammunition. When a … Read more

Georgia Democrat Flips to GOP: “Dems Treat Black People Like Their Mindless Slaves”

A top Georgia Democrat has jumped ship and declared that she has now defected to the Republicans because “the Democrat Party treat Black people like their mindless slaves.” Rep. Mesha Mainor has represented District 56 in the Georgia State House as a Democrat since January 2021. However, on Tuesday morning Mainor declared she is dumping … Read more

Russia: ‘Biblical World War III Is Approaching – The Final Battle Between Good and Evil’

Russia has issued an urgent warning to humanity: World War III is fast approaching which will be apocalyptic in nature and will result in a final battle between good and evil. According to Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, World War III will be sparked by Western nations provoking a ‘war to end … Read more

Russia Says That The US Has Just Confessed To Imminent War Crimes In Ukraine

Statements made by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby show that the US has ‘confessed to war crimes’, according to the Kremlin. During an interview with ABC, Kirby was defending President Biden’s approval of cluster bombs for Ukraine, The munitions are banned by over 120 countries internationally for being ‘indiscriminate’ and thus more likely to result … Read more