The Untried and the Dead: David Axelrod

As reported in April 2022, U.S. Marines under Gen. Berger’s command apprehended former Obama strategist David Axelrod near his Chicago condominium. At the time, we had no details on the charges against him or what punishment he might face. A source at Guantanamo Bay recently pulled Axelrod’s file and shared information on what led to … Read more

Is Jason Aldean suing Whoopi Goldberg and The View ?

As Jason Aldean continues to make headlines amidst his Try This In a Small Town song controversy, a news outlet has reported that he plans to sue Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar from The View. A publication reported that the singer decided to do so after being called “racist” in the show. However, the reports are … Read more

Jason Aldean Files Defamation Suit Against Whoopi and The View: “I’m No Racist”

Jason Aldean says he’s “taking the advice of counsel” and filing a $40 Million defamation suit against Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, and the rest of the hosts of ABC’s “The View.” The suit, filed in the 65th District Court of Writs and Motions, seeks damages from both the show itself as well as the individuals who … Read more

UK Govt Nudge Unit Working With Banks To Implement Secret Social Credit System

The UK Government’s nudge unit is working with woke banks to implement a secret social credit system disguised as a ‘carbon guilt trip tracker’. A carbon impact platform is providing a service for mobile banking apps, like NatWest, which aim to inform and change behaviours. They are working in partnership with Professor Susan Michie’s Behavioural Insight … Read more

Facebook Admit They Censored ANYBODY Biden Admin Told Them To: “We Didn’t Ask Questions”

Facebook have been forced to admit that they unquestioningly censored everybody and anybody that the Biden administration ordered them to, according to newly leaked emails. A leaked email from 2021 written by the company’s president of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, to colleagues, states: “We were under pressure from the Biden administration and others to do … Read more

Dismembered Body Of Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found In Suitcase

The dismembered body of a missing crypto influencer has been found in a suitcase in Argentina, just weeks after he left disturbing last posts claiming ‘evil people’ wanted to ‘destroy’ him. Fernando Perez Algaba’s chopped up remains was found inside a red suitcase by a group of children who were playing by a stream in … Read more

Barack Obama Implicated in Tafari Campbell’s Death; Call Log Reveals Ex-POTUS May Have Made Phone Call During Drowning

Barack Obama has been implicated in the death of his former private chef, Tafari Campbell, after newly release call logs appear to show the ex-POTUS made a distress call from his residence on the night of his death. So far, the Edgartown Police Department (EPD) is refusing to reveal the identity of the second paddleboarder … Read more

Eric Swalwell Pleads With Journalists: “Leave Hunter Biden Alone!”

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has pleaded with mainstream journalists to “please leave Hunter Biden alone” as evidence of his various crimes looks set to topple Joe Biden’s presidency. During an appearance on Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” co-host John Berman asked Swalwell: “Do you think that a plea deal like that would have existed … Read more

UN Calls For Urgent Coordinated Depopulation: ‘Global Boiling Means We Need Less Souls on Earth’

The United Nations has unveiled a new excuse to drastically reduce the Earth’s population and mandate their most radical ‘green agenda’ to-date: global boiling. In a disturbing new statement, Secretary-General António Guterres warned that the Earth has now become “unbreathable” and “the heat is unbearable.” The UN chief claims that these unliveable conditions on Earth … Read more

Data Shows Increase in Miscarriages & Stillbirth Rates Directly Linked to Covid Jabs

A major increase in spontaneous abortion among pregnant women was directly linked to the rollout of the Covid vaccines in Switzerland, according to statistician and Luzern University professor Dr. Konstantin Beck. Presenting his groundbreaking research this week, Professor Beck said data showed that miscarriages and stillbirth rates in 2022 corresponded directly to COVID-19 vaccination among … Read more