Jack Smith: All Trump Supporters Are Criminals


Jack Smith, the Deep State special prosecutor leading the witch hunt against President Donald J. Trump, made a reckless statement Friday morning, saying, “Find me a Trump supporter and I’ll find you a crime,” implying that he, given enough time, could unearth or manufacture charges on every person who voted for Trump.

White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command overheard the disgraceful comment while monitoring communications in and out of Smith’s office. One source told Real Raw News that Smith seldom uses his office phones and is likely calling allies on burners to orchestrate the unlawful political persecution of President Trump. Smith was reportedly speaking with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser at the time.

Smith followed up with an equally offensive statement: “The average Trump supporter probably commits three felonies a day.”

His statements are emblematic of how the Deep State views Trump’s fans and show his disdain for Trump and anyone embracing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” values. He is a Deep State thoroughbred who has served as assistant district attorney for the Dept. of Injustice. He has an affinity for Merrick Garland. Between 2010-2015, Smith worked for the now-incarcerated Eric Holder. And Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, is a big dollar Biden donor and filmmaker who produced a glowing film about Michelle Obama and worked on an anti-Citizens United film titled, “Dark Money.”

Smith doesn’t have an unbiased bone in his body; he doesn’t know the meaning of “impartiality.”

His lexicon also underpins one of Trump’s most paramount warnings, that he is merely an obstacle standing between the Deep State and conservative patriots, and that his removal would hasten a fervid Deep State takeover of society.

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“This is the only dialogue we’ve intercepted from Smith, and it speaks volumes about where he stands, not like it was any secret. Guys like Smith, there’s no nuance to their thinking. They just hate the values the U.S. was founded on. We hear this chatter across the Deep State stratosphere. I think he’s just evil,” our source said.

In closing, he said Bowser, also a Deep State asset, made no incriminating comments on the brief call. She only giggled at Smith’s abhorrence for all things Trump.

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