Alert: Biden’s Meeting With Israel’s President Stuns The World

President Brain-Dead Biden’s recent meeting with Israel’s President Isaac Herzog has raised concerns about the US-Israel relationship. Biden appeared to struggle with his memory during the meeting, stating he couldn’t recall ‘two-thirds’ of the past 75 years since Israel’s establishment. His reliance on notes and lack of engagement were evident. This comes amid recent anti-Israel comments from Democrats on Capitol Hill, further straining the relationship.

Biden’s failure to invite Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House has also been criticized. The US-Israel relationship is critical for Middle East stability, and these recent developments are concerning. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called Biden’s treatment of Netanyahu ‘disgraceful.’ The consequences of these actions could destabilize the entire Middle East region and embolden Israel’s enemies.

“Our enemies are laughing at us for having a weak leader, not good. ”

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