Swalwell Doesn’t Realize What He Just Retweeted, and It’s Hilarious

Let’s face it, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer. That alone should have disqualified him from being on the House Intelligence Committee, even if he hadn’t had a relationship with an alleged Chinese spy. As we reported, he properly got the boot from that Committee. We should want the best people possible, … Read more

BREAKING: Donald Trump Warns Of Chinese Spies Everywhere In…

Former President Donald Trump warned on Friday that Communist China has “many thousands of spies working in the United States” in various industries amid a revelation that a Chinese spy balloon is flying over the continental United States. “It’s rarely even mentioned that Communist China has many thousands of spies working in the United States … Read more

Propaganda: Biden’s Treasury Dept. Claims No U.S. Funds Are Being Misused In Ukraine In The Latest Push To Justify More Aid

The current regime came into power based on the lie that Brain-Dead Biden actually won the 2020 election, garnering more than 80 million votes with a faulty mind and campaigning from his basement, and the lies continue to flow from the administration on a daily basis to justify ongoing bad policies. One of them is … Read more

Montana Gov Tells Tucker Carlson He Wasn’t Briefed On Spy Balloon Until It Was ‘Hundreds Of Miles’ Into His State

Republican Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana said Friday he was not briefed on a Chinese spy balloon until it was well into his state. “Well, when I got briefed this slow-moving balloon was hundreds of miles into Montana, it had already flown near the Air Force base and the ICBM silos,” Gianforte told Fox News … Read more

Biden Teases Reelection Bid With Grim Prediction: ’I’m Going To Make More Mistakes

President Brain-Dead Biden appeared to tease a reelection bid while speaking before a gathering of Democratic donors at the Sheraton Philadelphia Hotel. But Biden’s remarks came with a grim prediction, admitting he hasn’t done everything right and will make more mistakes. Don’t say he didn’t tell you. “I’m not saying we’ve done everything right,” Biden … Read more

Jury Announces Verdict In Elon Musk Fraud Case

Elon Musk was unanimously cleared of wrongdoing by a San Francisco federal jury Friday hearing a case alleging Musk fraud. “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420,” Mr. Musk declared in an August 7, 2018 Twitter post. “Funding secured.” Some shareholders sued the company founder and then-CEO after he posted a subsequent post saying Tesla … Read more

Breaking: Antony Blinken Cancels Beijing Trip Indefinitely After Trump Calls For Biden To Shoot Down Balloon

Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled a scheduled trip to Beijing this weekend in response to Communist China sending a large surveillance balloon over the Northwest United States this week. Blinken’s cancellation comes after President Trump called on the Biden administration to shoot down the balloon. Brain-Dead Biden has instead decided to let the balloon … Read more

WTF? Mandatory Menstrual History For Florida School Athletes?

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), a group responsible for overseeing athletic programs in the state, recently published a draft that requires students to disclose their menstrual history. This change would make currently optional questions regarding the menstrual cycle mandatory, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. The form, if approved, would ask students … Read more

She IS Facing Nearly 100 Years In Prison For What She Did At Her Kid’s Sleepovers…

A Nebraska mother was convicted of the sexual abuse of two children during a sleepover her daughter held at her home. Christina Greer from Nebraska is mother to an 11-year-old girl who, like any other kid her age, would have friends over for sleepovers. But, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, the little girl’s mother is … Read more

MASSIVE EXPLOSION Over Billings, Montana –

BREAKING: Billings, Montana @MMtTreasures just captured video moments after seeing a jet “go by so fast and then an explosion in the sky.” Was it the #Communist ChinaBalloon? Nothing from the @PentagonPresSec or if the balloon was still in the area today. pic.twitter.com/WfckzMRGcI — Heidi Hatch KUTV (@tvheidihatch) February 4, 2023 Unclear what it is…but … Read more