DeSantis Denied Access to GITMO

Florida Governor and presumptive 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was denied access to Guantanamo Bay after a spokesperson at his bequest informed Vice Adm. Crandall that DeSantis wanted to witness Ron Klain’s military tribunal, which is scheduled for Friday, February 3, an adjunct to Admiral Crandall told Real Raw News. DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw Wednesday … Read more

Trump Lashes Out At Fox News For Promoting ‘Low Ratings Sleazebag’ Bill Maher; ‘He’s Laughing At You For Being Weak And Stupid!’

Former President Donald J. Trump took a swing at Fox News over the airing of clips of late-night comedian Bill Maher who is one of the few high-profile liberals who regularly expresses savage criticism about the “woke” cultural jihad against America, accusing the conservative network of being gullible and playing into the radical left’s hands. … Read more

Watch: Biden Tries To Brag About Female Staff In Front Of Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton – It Goes Horribly Wrong

You know who’s not a bastion of lucidity and sharpness? The 76-year-old former President Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton. And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that! Clinton is an elderly man who has moved on from his time in public office and can do whatever he darn well pleases. You know who’s also not … Read more

Tucker Gets Lessons On The ‘Kamala Kackle’ From Spot-On Impersonator

While not the first spot-on impersonation of Vice President Simpleton Kamala Harris, a woman appearing Thursday night on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight had the vice president’s trademark cackle down pat. Host and show namesake Tucker Carlson played a clip of Estee, dubbed the Cackler in Chief, performing a pretty darn good impersonation of Harris … Read more

Crackhead Hunter Biden’s Lame Legal Threats Are Meant To Intimidate His Critics Into Silence

It is legally impossible to defame Crackhead Hunter Biden. His reputation is so bad and toxic that he has no good name to damage. He managed to sully it all on his own. It cannot be tarnished or soiled further. As a result, the president’s infamous son is, essentially, slander-proof. This fundamental fact of law … Read more

Not Enough Car Repo Men to Keep Up with Demand! Working Poor in America Face Auto Loan Crisis Amid Inflationary Economy!

he economy created by the Democratic Congress and President Brain-Dead Biden continues to take a heavy toll on working-class Americans, the group that the president’s party claims to care about the most. According to an in-depth report by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, automobile repossessions have skyrocketed to twice the level seen during the peak … Read more

Mesach Semakula’s Mother Cause of Death? Singer Mesach Semakula’s Mother Mariam Nalubega Dead

A name is trending on the web and making round on the Internet. Mesach Semakula is very sad and shocked at this time and going through with thMesach semakulae pain. Mesach Semakula’s mother, Miss Nalubega mother passed away. This news is getting circualted on the web and gaining people’s attention. This news has created several … Read more

DeSantis Says No More ‘Zombie Studies,’ Announces Proposal to Destroy CRT for Good

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he doesn’t want any state college or university students graduating with degrees in worthless subjects such as “zombie studies.” He was speaking about higher education reform at the State College of Florida in Bradenton. DeSantis is launching legislative proposals to have Florida state colleges and universities provide “education not … Read more

Merck Covid Drug Linked To New Virus Mutations!

Merck & Co.’s Covid-19 pill is giving rise to new mutations of the virus in some patients, according to a study that underscores the risk of trying to intentionally alter the pathogen’s genetic code. Some researchers worry the drug may create more contagious or health-threatening variations of Covid, which has killed more than 6.8 million … Read more