Jerome Adams Hanged at GITMO

On Monday, his head in a noose, former Surgeon General Jerome Adams had final words for Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and the smattering of officers who had arrived at Guantanamo Bay to witness his execution. An impassioned Adams delivered a lengthy soliloquy, saying the only reason he had betrayed Trump and the American populace … Read more

RNC New Rule Limits Presidential Debate To Candidates Who Sign Pledge To Support The Eventual Nominee

Thanks to a new Republican National Committee rule, Former President Donald Trump may be in some trouble going into the 2024 presidential election. The new rule states that presidential candidates who want to participate in the Republican Party primary debates must sign a loyalty pledge to support the eventual primary winner. “After the primary, it … Read more

THIS Is Why The Deep State Turned Against Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency was a pipe dream for the wealthy and powerful, and yet the intelligence community still opposed him and even tried to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story to prevent Trump from winning reelection. The reason is simply because Trump, while delivering on standard Republican issues domestically, was a wild card on … Read more

Ukraine War Was ALWAYS About Dividing Russia & Germany

The establishment media and politicians would have us believe the Ukraine War is all about a plucky underdog repelling a bullying, much larger neighbor. In reality it’s about much more than that – among other things a key U.S. objective of this proxy war is to prevent Russia and Germany from aligning and creating a … Read more

Andrea Mitchell Asks Kamala To Her Face Why Dem Leaders Don’t Want Her Or Her ‘Defect-Ridden’ Boss To Run

Vice President Kamala Harris may be watching corporate media show her the door in real time as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell not only called out President Joe Biden’s “defects” but her “even less favorable ratings” in one-on-one interview. “They don’t think you’re the right person to be on the ticket,” the host insisted. Harris has repeatedly … Read more

New Idaho Bill To Charge Those Who Administer MRNA Vaccines With Misdemeanor, Instead Of Murder

Sorry, but this is nothing more than tossing a bone to the crowd of Americans that require justice, not a smack in their faces and a slap on the wrist of the murderers.  I confess, at least they are recognizing it’s criminal, but this is nothing more than charging a serial killer with jaywalking.  There’s … Read more

VIDEO: Forget COVID — CDC Now Warns This Virus Is Highly Contagious

Winter months brought a surge of respiratory illness across the country. As flu, cold and COVID-19 cases further trend down, the CDC is now warning of an uptick in another type of illness: norovirus. Public health officials have noted an increase in norovirus cases, the highly contagious virus that causes the “stomach flu.” The number … Read more

He Just ATTACKED Nikki Haley!

I am pretty sure that Don Lemon’s days on the morning show on CNN are numbered after what he said about Nikki Haley. Let me put it this way… if Don Lemon were white and Nikki Haley was black, his career would be over already. Honestly, with the outrage I saw over his comments, I … Read more

Proposed Idaho Bill Makes It Illegal To Give MRNA Injections!

Key Takeaways: A new bill introduced in Idaho would make it illegal to administer mRNA vaccines in the state. The legislation, sponsored by Idaho Senator Tammy Nichols and House Representative Judy Boyle, would go into effect on 1 July 2023 if passed. The bill comes after concerns about the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines, … Read more