Donna Brazile ‘Guarantees’ Underappreciated Kamala Harris Will Be Party’s 2024 Nominee If Joe Doesn’t Run

As Joe Biden’s disastrous first term as President drags itself across the halfway mark, Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce believes two Senators may emerge as the face of the Democratic party. Bruce and former California State Senator Gloria Romero (D-East Los Angeles) joined Fox host Steve Hilton on “The Next Revolution” on Sunday to discuss … Read more

REPORT: Colombia Shuts Down U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Lab Torturing Monkeys For ‘Research’

Colombian authorities shut down a decrepit monkey laboratory on January 30 funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with U.S taxpayers’ dollars following revelations of animal abuse, neglect, and potential fraud. The rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently published the results of an exhaustive 18-month investigation into the laboratory, known as Fundación … Read more

Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch Watching Super Bowl Together Is Too Much For AOC, Left

It doesn’t take much to trigger the intolerant left these days, anything outside their twisted worldview is certain to send them squealing in search of their favorite safe space so you can only imagine how they’d respond to screen shot of new Twitter boss Elon Musk taking in the Super Bowl alongside News Corp chair … Read more

‘Meatball Ron?’ Trump Testing ‘Shutdown Ron,’ Other DeSantis Nicknames As Race For 2024 Approaches

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not announced he is running for President in 2024, but former President Donald Trump isn’t wasting time waiting for a declaration to test drive disparaging nicknames for his potential rival. The American people are almost willing into existence a bitter showdown between the two larger-than-life politicians, and Trump appears to … Read more

Biden Takes Fire Over Crooked IRS Targeting Service Industry Tips In New Plan

The Crooked IRS has issued new guidance for a voluntary tip reporting program for service industry employers President Joe Biden is taking criticism after the Crooked IRS said it will go after service industry tips in a new effort to increase collection. The Crooked IRS issued new guidance this week for a “voluntary tip reporting … Read more

VIDEO: Attacker Slams Woman, But She Didn’t Go Down Without A Fight

Video footage from a surveillance camera at an Alabama gas station captured the terrifying moment a woman was approached by a man, who launched an unprovoked attack and slammed her to the ground. Unfortunately for him, she wasn’t about to go down without a fight. A Chevron gas station in Mobile, Alabama, became the scene … Read more

Biden’s Balloon Response Turning Him Into A Laughingstock In Communist China

President Joe Biden has been hammered on Chinese state media for his administration’s handling of the initial spy balloon that floated its way over the U.S. mainland. An op-ed that first appeared on CCP-owned media site Communist China Daily said that rather than “showcas[ing] the United States’ strategic strength amid fierce attacks by Republicans and the low … Read more

Florida Will No Longer Ask Students About Menstrual History On Medical Form Required To Play Sports

Florida schools will no longer ask student-athletes to share their menstrual histories to play high school sports, after an effort to make the optional questions mandatory. The state’s High School Athletic Association’s board of directors voted 14-2 Thursday in an emergency session to adopt a proposal to remove the questions from a pre-participation physical evaluation form, according to NBC … Read more

BREAKING: George Soros And Obama Funded A Ukrainian Biolab Handling Deadly Microbes!

The Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute in Odesa, Ukraine received funding from the Soros Foundation, according to company documents. Key Takeaways: The Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute is located at a former Soviet biological weapons plant. The Institute is funded by the Soros Foundation and works on developing vaccines for deadly microbes. In 2005, Senator Barack Obama … Read more

JUST IN: Disney (Groomers) Submits To Ron DeSantis

Disney (Groomers) has submitted to Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and will not combat his takeover of the Reedy Creek district. The theme park said that it’s “ready to work within this new framework,” Walt Disney (Groomers) World President Jeff Vahle said, Axios reported. “We appreciate all that the District has done to help our … Read more