Marines Catch FBI Trying to Sabotage Substation in Idaho, and Kill Them.

United States Marines on Sunday gunned down criminal FBI agents trying to sabotage an electrical substation in Meridian, Idaho, sources in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. Over the last three months, at least nine substations have been attacked in North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon, depriving tens of thousands of people of power, sometimes … Read more

The Hunter Biden’s Laptop Committee

Last week, the House Committee on Oversight held its first hearing on Twitter’s deliberate campaign to censor conservatives, ban journalism, and directly interfere in the 2020 election. The centerpiece of Kentucky Republican Chairman James Comer’s investigation focused on Twitter’s decision to suppress the New York Post’s exposé on Hunter Biden and his laptop. What the public … Read more

DeSantis Doubles Down On Removing Immigrants

It’s clear that the state of Florida is leading the charge when it comes to taking proactive steps to stymie the Biden regime’s border policies. In a bold move, Florida has passed legislation granting Governor Ron DeSantis more authority to relocate illegal immigrants from any state in the country. This Unauthorized Alien Transport Program establishes … Read more

JP Morgan To Create Ukraine Fund

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, JP Morgan seems to be cutting a deal with Zelensky to create an infrastructure fund to rebuild Ukraine. How can they create such a fund when the war is ongoing? Something does not seem right. Is this another scam like FTX? WL ANSWER: Stay away from this fund. Do NOT invest 10 cents. Yes, you … Read more

Shocking Names In Epstein’s Flight Log: The List Of Visitors To ‘Pedophile Island’!

The shocking list of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Saint James island, also known as “Pedophile Island”, has been revealed in the recent Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Key Takeaways: The flight log reveals the names of celebrities, politicians, royals, and financial capitalists who visited Little Saint James island. Bill Clinton appears on the list 12 times, … Read more

Elon Musk Warns ‘World Government Summit’ That A Global Government Could Lead To Civilizational Collapse

Elon Musk has warned the World Government Summit that a one-world government could lead to the collapse of civilization. Speaking to ‘10,000 international government officials, thought leaders, global experts, and decision makers’ at the 2023 Dubai event, the Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter CEO, said too much cooperation between governments creates a civilizational risk. “All throughout history … Read more

Hero Down: Fountain Police Officer Julian Becerra Dies In Fall From Bridge While Chasing Fugitive

Colorado Springs, CO – Fountain Police Department (FPD) Officer Julian Becerra died in the line of duty on Feb. 11, nine days after he fell from an overpass while chasing a group of carjacking suspects. The FPD’s involvement in the case began at approximately 4 p.m. on Feb. 2, when they received a request from the … Read more

Covid jab spike proteins get “delivered” to ALL bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging

The phenomenon of “sudden deaths” being seen all around the world following the release of covid “vaccines” can be traced back to one common cause: the age-accelerating effects of spike proteins. Spike proteins lodge inside every organ of the body, we now know, and once there they transform a person from young to old or from … Read more

Alaska Shootdown Was PR Stunt

The “object” shot down over Alaskan Airspace on Friday was a USAF “aerial target drone,” not a balloon or extraterrestrial spacecraft, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. The last week has seen a spate of so-called shootdowns of unidentified objects over North America. First, the regime claimed to have decommissioned … Read more

Air Force F-16 Fails To Hit Target On First Attempt – First Missile Still Missing!

US officials reported that an Air Force F-16 missed its first attempt to shoot down an object over Lake Huron on Sunday, with a second missile required for success. Key Takeaways: An Air Force F-16 failed to hit an object over Lake Huron on its first attempt, requiring a second missile. The location of the … Read more