VIDEO: 14-Year-Old Guns Down 3 Teens Inside Texas Gas Station

Garland, TX – Recently-released security footage captured the moment when a 14-year-old boy stormed into a Texaco gas station and wildly fired off at least 20 rounds in 2021, killing three teens and wounding a fourth (video below). The deadly attack occurred at the Garland Texaco gas station on Dec. 26, 2021. Previously released security … Read more

Colorado Officer Dies After Falling From Bridge While Chasing Parolee Accused Of Carjacking

Colorado Springs, CO – A Fountain police officer suffered fatal injuries when he fell from a bridge while chasing after a group of carjacking suspects. The Fountain Police Department (FPD)’s involvement in the case began at approximately 4 p.m. on Feb. 2, when they received a request from the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) Parole … Read more

It’s Spring For Nuclear Power

Over a hundred new nuclear reactors are under construction or in the planning stages in Europe right now and the EU has reclassified nuclear power as a “green type of energy”. Last month, Sweden’s government also took the first steps to reverse decades of nuclear-negative Swedish policy. The current energy crisis has made it clear … Read more

US Military Recovers Key Sensors From Shot Down Chinese Spy Balloon: Debris Found Off South Carolina Coast Shows Electronics ‘Used For Intelligence Gathering’

The US military have announced they’ve recovered critical electronics from the Chinese spy balloon downed by a US fighter jet off South Carolina’s coast on February 4. Recovered fragments from the aircraft include key sensors presumably used for intelligence gathering, the US military’s Northern Command said Monday. The revelation comes less than a week after … Read more

Today’ Must Watch Video: Zelensky’s Bud, Sean Penn, Just Went From Best Actor To Phizer’s ‘Biatch!’

I guess when your activist antics lead to can’t get hired for a car or cell phone or insurance commercial, you do PSA ads paid for by Pfizer and HHS. Seriously…what does it say when this man still does not know that the official stance of the CDC is that vaccinated people CAN transmit Covid … Read more

Drunk Steals Texas Police Officer’s Taser, Tases Cop, Gets Shot

San Antonio, TX – A Somerset police officer working an off-duty security job was able to shoot an attacker who stole his Taser and used it against him during a brawl outside a restaurant on Saturday night. The incident occurred at the Twin Peaks restaurant near the 100-block SW Loop 410 shortly before midnight on … Read more

Michigan State University Shooting: Suspect Is 43-Year-Old Black Male With No Ties To University

The five wounded victims in the shooting at Michigan State University Monday night are at a hospital in critical condition, according to officials. Michigan State University Police and Public Safety announced early Tuesday morning that the five wounded people are all at Sparrow Hospital in critical condition. The shooting inside an academic hall on the university’s … Read more

BREAKING: Second Train Derailed In South Carolina

Fox Carolina News reported that officials in Enoree, South Carolina are responding to a trail derailment that occurred on Monday afternoon. Early reports indicate that the freight railroad company, CSX Transportation, is on the scene. Details are minimal at this time. Enoree has around 665 residents, and is located within Spartanburg County, in the northwest part … Read more

15-Minute Cities And A Digital ID “Super App” Beginning To Invade Our Freedoms And Privacy!

Governments’ attempts to implement 15-minute cities and a digital ID “super app” are not inevitable and do not have to invade our freedoms and privacy. We must fight back! Key Takeaways: 15-minute cities are being implemented in cities worldwide, including in the UK and Canada. A top banker has predicted that the UK government will … Read more

Flashback – Russian Lawmaker Names First City Russia Will Strike If World War III Begins

Ryan Morgan – American Military News June 27, 2022 Last week, a Russian lawmaker who is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin named the first city Russia will target if war breaks out between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): London, England. During an appearance on the Russian state television “Vremya Pakazhet” … Read more