UN Condemns Executions Of Russian POWs By Ukrainians

The UN human rights watchdog is aware of a new graphic video purportedly showing the execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainians and has raised the issue with Kiev The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is aware of recently-emerged footage apparently showing the execution of Russian soldiers who had surrendered by … Read more

Attorney on First Trump Impeachment Sham Says It’s a Lie that Joe Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

Rep. Daniel Goldman, who was the lead counsel on the first Trump sham impeachment, lies and claims that Joe Biden didn’t get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired while ignoring what Joe Biden said and our report today on emails that prove otherwise.  In today’s hearing new Rep. Daniel Goldman lied and claimed that Joe Biden didn’t … Read more

IRS Cracking Down on Tipped Workers and Maine’s Stimulus Checks

The Internal Revenue Service, recently invigorated with 87,000 new employees, has announced a new program that will help employers monitor whether restaurant workers are paying taxes on tips. The IRS also announced, in a separate release last week, that it was undecided on whether Gov. Janet Mills’ latest round of stimulus checks created a federal tax obligation … Read more

Social Worker Secretly Began Gender Transition for 13-Year-Old Girl in Maine Public School: Mom

A Damariscotta mom demanded the resignation of several public school officials at a school board meeting Wednesday following her discovery that a school social worker had begun secretly transitioning her 13-year-old daughter’s gender. In an emotionally charged address to the school board, Amber Lavigne said a Central Lincoln County School System (CLCSS) social worker at … Read more

Queer Ex-Counselor Blows Whistle on St. Louis Gender Clinic: The Free Press

A self-described queer former counselor from St. Louis is blowing the whistle on the gender clinic she worked at for nearly four years in a bombshell report from the Free Press published Thursday. In the Free Press report, 42-year-old Jamie Reed, a one-time Bernie Sanders supporter, pulls back the curtain on the controversial gender clinics — … Read more

Public School Worker Who Began Secret Gender Transition on 13-Year-Old Maine Girl Has Conditional License

A public school worker at Great Salt Bay Community School who coached a 13-year-old girl into a gender transition without telling her parents has only a conditional license to practice social work in Maine, The Maine Wire has learned. Amber Lavigne, the mother of the young girl, revealed at a school board meeting Wednesday that … Read more

Florida’s DeSantis Unveils $2 Billion Tax Relief Plan

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants $2 billion in tax relief to lower the burden of inflation on state residents. The second-term Republican held a news conference in Ocala Wednesday to discuss his tax relief plan. The Family Focused Tax Relief is part of DeSantis’ Framework for Freedom budget, the biggest tax relief package in Florida … Read more

GoFundMe Bans Fundraisers For American Cattle Rancher Accused Of Killing Illegal Alien

The left-wing crowdfunding website GoFundMe has shut down all fundraisers for an Arizona cattle rancher who defended his property by killing an illegal alien, thus leaving him and his wife to bear the financial burden of the coming legal battle. The New York Post reports that 73-year-old George Alan Kelly was arrested on Monday on the … Read more

Trump’s BIGGEST Obstacle Is The Last One You’d Expect!

Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, and Chris Sununu, former governor of New Hampshire, both predict that former President Trump would lose to Vice President Biden in a rematch in 2024. Both Trump nor Biden do not have the complete support of their own parties. On the Democrat’s side, many believe Biden is too old to … Read more

Vladimir Putin intercepts Adrenochrome Shipment headed to United States Real Raw News

Russian Special Forces in Ukraine have intercepted a refrigerated tractor-trailer that was hauling refined Adrenochrome from Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland, where the shipment would have been loaded onto planes headed for the United States, a Russian FSB agent, Andrei Zakharov, told Real Raw News. As reported last month, the FSB claimed that “Deep State” Adrenochrome … Read more