Parkland Dad Slams Biden: ‘Don’t Use My Daughter’s Death to Advance Your Political Agenda’

Recently, Ryan Petty’s name is trending on social media, they lost his 14-year-old daughter in the parkland, Florida, school massacre, and lambasted President Biden on the day of Tuesday for using the date marking five years since the shooting to push stricter gun control measures. Because of the petty statement, he is trending on the … Read more

Biden’s ‘Nonbinary’ Former DOE Official Accused Of Multiple Luggage Thefts Released Without Bail

Samuel Brinton, who is a former Biden administration senior Department of Energy official and nonbinary, was released from a Minnesota correctional facility Wednesday without bail despite being charged twice with stealing thousands of dollars of items in women’s baggage. Brinton, 35, was charged with felony theft after he allegedly stole a woman’s luggage in Minneapolis worth $2,325 … Read more

UMaine Professor Fired For Criticizing Mask Mandates Fighting for Her Free Speech Rights

A University of Southern Maine professor has filed a lawsuit against the UMaine system alleging that she was wrongfully fired after she criticized the system’s COVID-19 mask mandate. Dr. Patricia Griffin’s civil case against the University of Maine — Griffin v. University of Maine System, University of Southern Maine, Glenn Cummings — is still in its early … Read more

Michigan State Shooter Would Have Been Barred From Owning Guns But Progressive Prosecutor Dismissed Prior Charges

The Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday reported that Anthony McRae, the gunman in a mass shooting at Michigan State Monday night, would have been prohibited from purchasing or owning a firearm but for the decision of a progressive prosecutor to dismiss previous charges against him. McRae, who police say killed three people and wounded five others in … Read more

34-Yr-Old Border Patrol Agent Dead From “Unexpected And Sudden Heart Attack”

On Saturday, a 34-year-old Border Patrol Intel Agent Jose Mercado died suddenly due to an “unexpected and sudden heart attack.” Posted BY: Bill In a Twitter post, former Texas Representative Mayra Flores (R) announced the agent’s death and offered her condolences to Mercado’s family. “My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Border Patrol … Read more

FBI Searched University of Delaware For Classified Biden Documents

FBI agents searched the University of Delaware at least twice in connection with the investigation into Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents. The FBI searched the University of Delaware with the “consent” of Joe Biden’s lawyers in recent weeks, according to CNN. FBI agents seized materials from two university locations, the outlet said. The FBI has … Read more

‘No, F*** Them’: Songwriter Goes After Nikki Haley For Using Famous Tune To Announce

Frankie Sullivan, guitarist for ‘Survivor’ and co-writer of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ has had it with politicians trying to use his jam for their campaigns. After two successful cease-and-desist cases against Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich, Sullivan is setting his sights on former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley who walked out on stage to the song to … Read more

Trump Mocks Nikki Haley For ‘Polling At 1%,’ And Reminds Her She Promised Not To Run Against Him

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley Wednesday announced her candidacy for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination in a televised event. Donald Trump quickly pounced on her presidential aspirating, mocking her dismal poll performance compared to him. “She’s polling at 1%,” Mr. Trump mockingly noted in a Wednesday Truth post, “not a bad start.” A sarcastic former … Read more

Minnesota Supreme Court Denies Lawsuit To Restore Felons’ Voting Rights

The Minnesota Supreme Court denied a lawsuit to restore the voting rights of felons who have completed their incarceration. Under current state law, any Minnesotan convicted of a felony is barred from voting until they complete their full sentence, not just the period of imprisonment. “Earlier this year, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said … Read more

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Big Tech Executives Over Free Speech Suppression!

Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, has issued subpoenas to the heads of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta), and Microsoft for documents and communications relating to alleged collusion with the federal government to suppress free speech. In his press release, Jordan accused the companies of failing to respond … Read more