The Truth About Nirav Shah The Maine Media Never Told You

In her first major public step toward her promise to reform the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Director Rochelle Walensky has chosen Maine CDC Director Nirav Shah to serve as her second-in-command. As her “principal” deputy, he’ll be focusing primarily on communication issues for the agency. It is a remarkable decision, as Shah’s … Read more

11 People Shot At Memphis’ Live Lounge, One Dead, Ten Injured! Media Ignore Because Shooter Is Black!

Eleven people were shot, one dead and ten injured, at Memphis’ Live Lounge in the early hours of Sunday morning, with details of the shooting still unclear. Details of the Memphis Shooting: Julius Freeman, 21, surrendered to police and admitted he was the getaway driver. He claimed he stopped the car he was driving, retrieved … Read more

Illinois Representative Introduces Campus Free Speech Act

Think tanks such as The Heritage Foundation have offered policy proposals to combat a speech climate that impedes the exchange of ideas Republican State Sen. Thomas Bennett recently introduced the Campus Free Speech Act to protect and monitor freedom of expression at Illinois’ colleges and universities. “Public institutions of higher education have historically embraced a … Read more

California School District Celebrates ‘Day Of Reading’ By Affirming ‘Transgender And Non-Binary Youth’

California’s largest school district marked a “Day of Reading” by celebrating transgenderism To celebrate the “National Day of Reading,” California’s largest school district hosted a read aloud event for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students to affirm “transgender and non-binary youth,” according to the school district website. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) hosted its second … Read more

DeSantis Racks Up Wins While Trump, Potential 2024 Opponents Take Swipes At Florida Governor

While former President Donald Trump continues to work out nicknames for his potential 2024 presidential rival, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is still managing to stay out of the fray while building his resume and eyeing more Republican-backed victories on issues like education, crime, and immigration. DeSantis embarked on a pro-police tour of blue cities on Monday, traveling to … Read more

Mass Demo In Munich Against War

Several demonstrations took place in Munich on Saturday on the fringes of the Security Conference directed against the meeting itself. Protesters followed the call by the Munich AfD on Saturday morning to the Old Botanical Garden, where they could be seen with peace doves and signs with pro-Russian slogans. According to the police, there … Read more

BREAKING: Russia Threatens Norway With Nuclear Retaliation Over US Troop Deployment!

Key Takeaways: Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Norway has made itself an enemy of Russia by allowing the deployment of US troops on its land. A deputy chairman of Russia’s defence and security committee, Frants Klintsevich, has warned that Russia will consider using nuclear weapons against Norway as the deployment of 330 US … Read more

The Hospital Was Stunned At This 12yr Old Pregnant Girl, Then They Found The Father…

Pregnancy is usually a joyous occasion, a cause for celebration. However, it wasn’t so for a 12-year-old girl that was brought to the hospital for a routine check. In East China’s Jiangsu Province a 12-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital by her 40-years-old husband and a woman who claimed to be her mother-in-law. They … Read more

11 People Shot At Memphis’ Live Lounge, One Dead, Ten Injured! Media Ignore Because Shooter Is Black!

Key Takeaways: Eleven people were shot at Memphis’ Live Lounge early Sunday around 12:43 a.m. The police claim five of the survivors have been released from the hospital. The other five who are still being held are all listed in “critical condition.” Julius Freeman, 21, surrendered to police and admitted he was the getaway driver. … Read more

Angus King’s “Enemies List” Targeted Journalists, Ordinary Mainers for Facebook, Twitter Censorship

U.S. Sen. Angus King’s 2018 campaign targeted journalists and ordinary Mainers for censorship if their posts showed they were critical of the Senator or supported his opponents, Republican State Sen. Eric Brakey and socialist candidate Zak Ringelstein. King’s office hasn’t commented so far on the revelations, which were first reported Saturday by independent journalist Matt … Read more