42-Year-Old Former US Swimming Champ Dies in Virgin Islands After Being Found on Floor

42-year-old former high school swimming sensation Jamaie Cail, who won a gold medal at the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships, was pronounced dead soon after being found by her boyfriend on the floor of their residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands just after midnight last Tuesday. Police are investigating her death. Female Found Unresponsive by Boyfriend … Read more

Oops! Polish Media Accidentally Publishes Video of Zelensky with His Doppleganger Body Guard

Poland’s Fact media accidentally published video of Zelensky with his body double. Polish media accidently recorded #Zelensky's double when they covered #Biden's visit to #Kyiv#Awkward pic.twitter.com/F2ufQk76z0 — Arthur Morgan (@ArthurM40330824) February 25, 2023 The body double looks exactly like Zelensky in the video except that his pockets are not weighted down with billions of US … Read more

Mexican President Lights the Internet on Fire By Sharing Photo of a Creature He Says is a Mystical Elf Sitting in a Tree

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lit social media on fire on Saturday by sharing a photo that he claimed to be of a mystical elf sitting in a tree. Obrador also shared a photo of sculptures from a Yucatec-Maya archeological site that he claimed to be of this type of elf. “I share two … Read more

WINNING! GOP Embraces Early Voting To Beat Democrats At Their Own Game!

With the aim of defeating Democrats in the 2024 elections, Republicans are taking a new approach and embracing early voting. The Republican National Committee recently tweeted that the GOP will “beat the Democrats at their own early voting game in 2024.” This comes after the party’s poor performance in the midterm elections and a reassessment … Read more

World War III Alert: The Russians Are Making A Major Breakthrough And The Ukrainians Are Becoming Increasingly Desperate

The conflict in Ukraine has reached such a dangerous phase. For several months, the front lines in Ukraine were relatively stable, and that was a good thing because it meant that both sides were less likely to make really desperate moves. But now Russian forces are making a major breakthrough. The Ukrainians had poured countless … Read more

DeSantis Aide Christina Pushaw Exposes Reuters Bias, Hypocrisy Over MS-13 Gang Members

If there is one thing Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his team have shown mastery of, it’s calling out corporate media, and his former spokesperson Christina Pushaw artfully did so again when she slammed “journactivists” holding a pity party for “brutal MS-13 gang members.” With the completion of the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism, … Read more

Democrats Hiding That John Fetterman is “Brain Dead” to Prevent Special Election?

There is a rumor swirling that Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is essentially “brain dead” and it’s being hidden “because keeping him in office until August 18th avoids a special election.” John Cardillo shared the rumblings and demanded an investigation Being told that Fetterman is essentially brain dead and it’s being hidden because keeping him in … Read more

Is John Fetterman Brain Dead? illness and Health Update

A name is in headlines because of shocking issues. Yes, we are talking about Senator John Fetterman suffered from illness. He has been in the news lately for his physical and mental health. According to the circulated report, he was struggling with his health. His passing news is circulating on the web and getting people’s … Read more

What is the mysterious dust that fell from the sky Thursday night?

People in West Virginia and Maryland woke up with dust covering their cars, so we turned to the experts to find out what it is.  W.Va. — Social media was buzzing Thursday with folks enjoying the warm weather, but on Friday, it’s blowing up about a mysterious white dust that fell from the sky overnight. … Read more

New Study Reveals a Safe Place to Shelter During a Nuclear Blast

A new study has shed light on the potential effects of nuclear blasts on humans inside buildings within moderate damage zones. The study, which was conducted by a team of researchers, aimed to better understand the various parameters that affect the injuries sustained by people inside buildings during nuclear blasts. Nuclear blasts have devastating effects on people … Read more